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OBrien United States black gold Color stability is more anti-radiation power
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The rapid development of technology and product advances, a variety of goods than ever before, obviously had a tremendous change! Although the change in power than a few years ago changed little, only change the interface, power, and through a variety of techniques to increase the output current is more pure, but, other computer parts replacement, so that power is also the important accessories become important! O'Brien recently launched a U.S. Bright Black Gold Edition power supply, this power supply is rated at 300W, full power to meet the market demand for most home computers the power supply. O'Brien mass market users for the United States Colorful black gold edition provides adequate power supply output design, the power line with Intel ATX 2.31 version of the specification, the rated power of 300W, maximum power of 560W, able to satisfy most of the machine's power requirements. O'Brien Bright Black Gold Edition for the first time the U.S. anti-radiation performance with better power shell color steel production, according to professional media test, the radiation properties of color-coated steel steel than the average more than twice as high! Color case produced not only anti-radiation properties, and are not easy to stick dust. And the material toughness, corrosion resistant and more environmentally friendly! Bright Black Gold Edition is not only the United States O'Brien rust excellent corrosion resistance, diameter 12 cm ultra silent fan not only to achieve a highly efficient cooling and quiet with good results. O'Brien Bright Black Gold Edition U.S. power provides an 24PIN main power supply interface, a CPU 8PIN (4 +4) can be split interface, a PCI-E 6PIN, 4 个 SATA and 2 IDE interface, power supply, expansion performance is more impressive. Power as a whole 'heart', its stability and purity of the output current directly affect the entire computer system, therefore, to buy a stable and environmentally friendly power supply is very important, O'Brien U.S. version of the power not only has a strong black gold power output, and a high anti-radiation environmental enclosure allows you to surf the Internet more than happy, but also for you to create a secure Internet environment!
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