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GOLDENFIELD line anti-radiation capability in the standard 5203 chassis hot
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As the largest manufacturer of chassis, the chassis GOLDENFIELD has always been known for high quality. GOLDENFIELD of this line of standard 5203 chassis, the use of a large number of free tools designed to make players more easily installed. And chassis 38 degrees in full compliance with the chassis specification, focus on strengthening the capacity of CPU and graphics card cooling. GOLDENFIELD Industry Standard 5203 chassis with black paint handling the overall shape, bright and full of gray as the color using the front panel, more atmosphere, steady. The power button and expansion interfaces are located in the Ministry of the front panel, and use the hidden Design, which is convenient to use different placement of players. Chassis front interface design at the top, and with shutter, you can manually open up, built-in dual USB and audio interfaces. Has a power button next to, through the blue LED Lamp shade against the background works well. GOLDENFIELD line designs marked 5203, decent black, galvanized steel shell material SECC. Product size is 440 × 190 × 445mm, weight 5.9kg. There are 4 drive positions, one of the seven 3.5-inch position The rest of the hard disk is floppy-bit-bit, 2 front USB, audio output and input.
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