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Instead long-wearing anti-radiation maternity health damage
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According to radiation experts, services for pregnant women are mostly isolated from electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation for X-rays, gamma rays do not effect. Radiation mostly wire service material, the metal wire after repeated folding, rubbing, easy to lose effect, so the passage of time is difficult to ensure quality. Exposure during pregnancy X-rays, gamma rays and other ionizing radiation is harmful, but the isolation of ionizing radiation protective clothing must contain a certain amount of lead, so the garment will be very heavy. Pregnant women are now on the market less radiation than the general service, from this perspective, it should not contain lead, so for essentially no ionizing radiation to play a protective role. In addition, mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens and other electromagnetic radiation emitted by household appliances, these pregnant women, radiation may play a role suits, but the effect is not too large. Because in our lives, things will heat and light have different levels of radiation, the radiation is unavoidable; each body is different from the degree of radiation damage to its different. For many women refused to leave the practice of radiation protection services, obstetrics and gynecology experts said radiation to make some useful things on the body also was rejected, some rays of nature, such as the sun's infrared radiation on the health benefits of moderate, can help the healthy development of the fetus. Experts advise, do not wear more like radiation suits, mothers do not cover all day in the radiation suit. If the work environment from exposure to radiation after the radiation equipment is best to take off, so exposure to sunlight and fresh air.
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