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How does IT female prevent facial consenescence
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It is very important that computer puts the position

The back look out that does not allow screen as far as possible is worn the place of somebody, because computer radiate is the strongest, is rear, it is or so two side next, the front of screen instead radiation is the weakest. With can seeing well the word is accurate, also want 50 centimeters of spaces to 75 centimeters at least, can reduce electromagnetism radiant harm so.

The attention is indoor and ventilated

Science considers to confirm, the screen of computer can produce a kind to cry bromine changes 2 benzene and the carcinogen of furan. So, the room that sets computer is best can install a ventilator, if is done not have, when getting online, should notice especially ventilated.

The key caresses an eye

The place with facial the most obvious consenescence is an eye, say an eye so caress particularly important.

Glue of eye of frost of quality key point

Glue of eye frost eye has moist effect, besides can outside the problem of bring down black rim of the eye, pouch, also have the effect that improves furrow, microgroove at the same time.

The effect of eye glue and eye frost is similar, it is glue shape quality of a material is brushed only rise relatively relaxed, use the skin to feel without the burden by day, it is to eliminate mostly pouch, black rim of the eye, slow symptom of eye ministry skin.

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