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Fan Biao did not publish a mobile phone to measure pregnant woman hard to instal
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Olympic Games year, arisen " Olympic Games marriage " upsurge, consequently today bright two years, china will welcome a baby boom. In market of Fosan pregnant baby, outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman differs to on 1000 yuan from hundreds of yuan, often profess " screen is led 99.9% " , because the country returns the specific standard that did not publish radiation-proof product, accurate mom do not make very hard when selecting this kind of product confused. Store clerk believes to invite a customer, use a mobile phone to check radiation-proof effect, to this, concerned expert thinks and unscientific.

Install toward pregnant woman before the reporter relatively the pregnant woman near courtyard of health care of women and children of city of hospital of the first people, Fosan holds Fosan city of concentration brand shop understands a situation. One counterjumper takes skill chance, signal full division. Counterjumper laps the mobile phone with the dress, open again a little while too, the mobile phone shows without signal. "The radiation-proof effect of the dress with this kind of high price of course with those 300 differ more, it is OK to need to wrap only screen, the sort of general radiation-proof dress wants several to lap. " the accurate mom that the reporter sees the spot comes round to buy, of most choice is the 300 radiation-proof pregnant woman to 400 yuan hold price.

Guangdong province pledges inspect center arranges heart base to say about chief, examine actually now with the mobile phone is unscientific. Radiation is a very complex concept, include radiate of ray of nuclear radiation, X, electromagnetism radiate to wait, all sorts of radiation magnetism wave are different, and a kind radiate of mobile phone electromagnetism is quiver of a lot of spoke only. At present our country returns the specific standard that radiation-proof without special formulate pregnant woman takes, the province pledges inspect center just sufferred a country to pledge inspect total bureau is entrusted a few days ago, will draft in 8 years " radiation-proof prevent electromagnetism to test a standard " standard. In relevant standard when radiation-proof product is being bought before the standard did not come on stage, the person that should ask to sell is shown detect formally report, understand its through the report radiation-proof effect, and the conduct propaganda that does not exaggerate for the businessman easily is puzzled.

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