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Guild regulations did not come on stage radiation-proof take become accurate mom
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Radiation-proof pregnant woman holds the high price that faces full of beautiful things in eyes, accurate mom passes effect of mobile phone screen to make a choice commonly. The expert points out, this method is unscientific, the electromagnetism radiate of the mobile phone is one of a lot of radiate only.

In Dalian the pregnant woman of a few big market packs shop, the price of pregnant woman outfit with various design should be compared common female outfit tower above is very much, and radiation-proof take the price to be gotten more high " unusual " , social status is even more expensive than outfit of average pregnant woman go out two

The member that according to a pregnant woman outfit shop is sold introduces, pregnant woman holds sales volume this year relatively in former years grows substantially, "80 hind " pregnant woman has been become gradually buy principal part, they are very fashionable, also do not let off even pregnant woman outfit, take a brand seriously quite, not hesitate spend money like water. Accordingly, a lot of clothing companies of domestic held the mentality of accurate mom, produce radiation-proof pregnant woman to assemble a product in succession. The outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman on market also becomes accordingly good and evil people mixed up.

Current, the respect is held in radiation-proof pregnant woman, our country has not publish uniform occupation standard. Right consumer is very popular when buying pregnant woman to install now will examine with the mobile phone the practice with its whether radiation-proof fabrics, the personage inside course of study introduces, radiation is a very complex concept, include radiate of ray of nuclear radiation, X, electromagnetism radiate to wait, mobile phone radiate is only among them a kind, detect merely with the mobile phone radiation-proof effect discerns product quality is a kind of unscientific practice.

Current, still have a few international well-known trademark also plan marchs Chinese pregnant woman holds the market. Accordingly, the branch is devoting oneself to to establish the occupation standard of radiation-proof attestation related the country, about survey the job has been finished.

The doctor of courtyard of health care of city women and children says, when the level that has not passed to be made at radiation-proof dress in our country, radiation-proof pregnant woman takes prevent computer radiate to whether can achieve its to defend affirmatorily to consumer on product label keep out effect, still cannot leave final conclusion clearly.

But as a result of radiation-proof dress special talent pledges, it has certain effect truly to partial electromagnetism radiant. Because this suggests pregnant woman is choosing radiation-proof when taking, should select the product that those gauze knit more thick and fast. Reporter Yueyu is colourful

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