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"Mobile phone radiate " : Allow healthy killer of mom
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The pollution of radiation environment is omnipresent, to accurate mom, radiation is the one archenemy hand that endangers mother baby health more. Actually, the mankind is born oneself begin to be exposed in natural radiation environment. And the sun and other heavenly body also produce electromagnetism radiation ceaselessly from deep space in a steady stream, the electromagnetism radiation that produces like that these days is hurtless to human body. But the progress as environment of field of modern society duty and medicine, more and more man-made radiation produce menace to human health. Of course, these harms also are met disaster reachs accurate mom and little baby.

Pregnant woman needs radiate of vigilant mobile phone

Modern is hated to the love of the mobile phone perhaps is complex, what people cannot leave a mobile phone to bring already is convenient, also conceive putting right " radiation " a variety of worry that endanger health. Consider to make clear, open a mobile phone when people, the mobile phone is met to the mobile phone base the station is deferent radio wave, and a kind of any radio wave can be absorbed more or less by human body, bring such and such influence to the health of human body thereby. The process that this kind of electromagnetic wave transmits outwards, with respect to radiate of the mobile phone that be called. Be in those who pay attention to environmental protection and health today, mobile phone user already was satisfied at merely no longerNetworkenclothe extensively, pay close attention to a mobile phone more howeverCommunicationWith the relation between human health. Chengdu some women and childrenHealth careThe accurate mother with Doctor Zhang young proposal are far from the hospital as far as possible electromagnetism radiate, working andThe lifeDo not want to contact as far as possible inComputer, TV, the mobile phone can produce electromagnetism radiantElectronProduct. Healthy expert expresses, the radiate of the electronic product such as TV, computer is impossible to eliminate, but problem of mobile phone radiant can be passed however use more of green environmental protectionCDMA mobile phoneGet settlement, CDMA mobile phone is small to the radiation influence of human body had been confirmed by science.

Love is domesticity is thematic, live in the member in a home, should bring each member his love and care. The child is the hope of future of a home, do should special attention of parents, avoid to let the child get as far as possible electromagnetism radiate. Doctor Zhang expresses: "If there is pregnant woman in the home, to issue the health of generation, proposal family uses the CDMA mobile phone with lower radiation as far as possible, let everybody be far from radiation, be close to health, this should be the duty of each family. "

CDMA looks for green into inn of baby of mother yield a courtyard

Miss Zhou that establishs record in courtyard of health care of women and children of the Chengdu City of black sheep area, secure every months undertake over the body is checked, undertake pregnancy health at the same time
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