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9 months are beautiful 30 thousand 7 a darling is raised to want to spend how ma
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Someone says, present child takes gold caboodle to come out namely. Also someone says, do not have money to dare not give birth to the child. So, in big talk, conceive darling from accurate mom, to little baby infantile period ends (namely full 1 year old) , how many money should spend after all? View the investigation that the reporter has to this please.

■ exemple investigate a darling 9 months are spent thirty thousand and seven

Baby has not been born each military forces is moved in succession rise

Pregnant darling

In big talk in the anteroom of center of an inchoate education, the reporter saw modern, beautiful Ms. Li and her the son small Tommy with 9 big months. The economic condition of Ms. Li home is first-rate, her Yo baby principle is, want to have profit to darling only, the money with again much flower and energy are worth while.

During pregnancy nutrition still is pregnant, ms. Li around move the darling in abdomen rose busily. Hear pregnant woman eats a fruit to have profit to the child more, the family of Ms. Li buys all sorts of fresh fruits to let her unlock every day eat. Plus the fund that buys pregnant woman powdered milk, calculate on average come down, the money that raises nutrition additionally everyday has 15 yuan or so. Whole pregnancy comes down, spent about 4000 yuan.

Prenatal education hears prenatal education is very important, ms. Li chose various Yo baby books and prenatal education CD meticulously, light was spent this again 450 multivariate.

Antenatal checks antenatal all sorts of examinations, ms. Li does not leak of course. She is beautiful still 300 multivariate did 4 dimension colour to exceed, left life to the darling in abdomen the first according to. These spent Ms. Li again 1300 multivariate.

Infantile things is produced as Ms. Li period adjacent, family person begins to rise busily to receive the birth of little baby. Buy small dress, small bed, packet to be waited for all sorts of baby things, and bought all is very good brand. Ms. Li and family think, delicate, resistance differs infantile skin, want economic condition to allow only, should use best product to the child. such, small Tommy has not been born, spent again 2000 multivariate.

Pregnant mom

Nowhere is not in radiate of electromagnetism of radiation-proof modern society, be affected to do not let the darling in abdomen, ms. Li specially is beautiful 600 multivariate bought radiation-proof take.

As love baby already, also meet the modern woman that treasures oneself, ms. Li feels, even if pregnant woman also should make him beautiful, spirit. The pregnant dress all that Ms. Li buys is to use product of makings exquisite brand, light bought these pregnant dress to be cost 2200 multivariate.

Pregnant woman of pregnant woman hairdressing is afraid that he grows gravid grain, ms. Li that loves the United States more not exceptional. From be pregnant to produce, she holds to daub to prevent gravid grain frost all the time. Whole pregnancy she gave out 3 bottles, spent 700 multivariate.
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