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"Golden pig " darling much conduct financial transactions already go ahead of th
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This year is encounter 60 years allegedly " golden pig year " , "Golden pig " darling gathers together unripe phenomenon causes wide attention. 2000 " millennium dragon " the birth of darling is measured and compared tower above 1999 10% right-and-left amplitude, forecast according to the expert, this one amplitude will return this year. According to statistic, "Millennium dragon " the darling that baby is born before uses fee is compared one year wants tower above 20% the left and right sides. Such amplitude also will appear this year.

This year pregnant baby economy will be the phenomenon of the most prosperous business line of business on the market. Of pregnant woman radiation-proof take, pregnant woman outfit, sound of books of of all kinds infant resembles and health care is tasted, milk powder, complementary feed, wash protect pants of make water of things, paper, toy and baby carrier, child bed to wait a moment, always mix " golden pig " the commodity related darling shows powerful market competition ability in New Year beginning. The citizen that is pregnant to still be less than 5 months Miss Sun, had begun to be oneself the production after a few months is pained. "Make regular inspection to the hospital every time when, look at gather together pregnant woman him team that queue up with respect to feel timid, even is such now, when be born, arriving is what appearance. " she expresses, the scene that the puerpera in TV queues up to wait for birth in corridor also can appear when fearing he is borne very much. Nevertheless this still is not to allow the thing that Mr Li worries about she and sweetheart most. "Never think of unripe child wants to spend so much money before, " Miss Sun is fine fine tell for the reporter rose to bear classics, from antenatal the examination wants 10 thousand yuan about to production of be in hospital, acquire pregnant woman is installed and radiation-proof take wait for 2000 yuan, prepare small dress, bedding, milk powder to wait for 5000 yuan for the child, this still can use the left and right sides only... " fortunately the child's cradle is from clean out over there the elder sister come, want again otherwise floriferous 1000 multivariate. " the computation according to Miss Sun, from be pregnant the child two years 1 year old need altogether flower 30 thousand multivariate. Their saw with one's own eyes was witnessed this year " millennium dragon " darling start going to a nursery, go to school wait for difficult problem, "Want to spend not little money. " Miss Sun tells a reporter, she and husband had begun to make a plan of more detailed conduct financial transactions for the child.

The reporter understands, the young accurate father and mother that if Miss Sun couple shifts to an earlier date so,makes program of conduct financial transactions for the darling that is about to be born is absent a few. Miss Sun chose for the child " section " type conduct financial transactions, namely the conduct financial transactions before school age and education and life conduct financial transactions two respects. The conduct financial transactions before school age, what Miss Sun adopts is the tradition is rectified put rectify extraction method, annual as far as possible managing those who give 10 thousand yuan to put one year is fixed, darling serves as after be being taken out the 2nd year in those days cost, the rest may be deduced by analogy, assure annual the expenses cost that darling can have brushstroke to be secured quite. Educational conduct financial transactions, what 100 thousand yuan decide to purchase a value to the child after their couple is discussing is safe. Mr Li tells a reporter, this insurance lets him feel the place that compares be to one's profit depends on, after baby is born 30 days can be cast protect, biennially has 8000 yuan share out bonus, darling arrives when 70 one full year of life the time-expired gold that can get more than 210 thousand yuan, such darling altogether can get exceeding 500 thousand yuan extra dividend. No matter regard as,educational expenses of the child still gets married in the future the charge of provide for the aged is a safeguard. Xiao Jie of Yuan of our newspaper reporter
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