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"Golden pig darling " fire radiation-proof outfit
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To can catch up with a pig year give birth to a health " golden pig darling " , many people were joined this year " accurate mom " cavalcade. However, the eye sees everyday mobile phone, computer, TV is beside, be affected to do not let the health of the darling in abdomen, radiation-proof dress makes pregnant woman for a special purpose the popular commodities of accurate mom. So, this one is what the radiation-proof pregnant woman that does not poor takes a price to say like the businessman really so effective?

The price does not poor still accept favour

Recently, the reporter visits discovery, a lot of bazaar of Nanjing set pregnant woman to pack shop, and almost all bar is little not radiation-proof dress, design is varied, already condole takes the bag of vest, abdomen, upper outer garment that do not have sleeve, also have the skirt that join a body, among them the price is the cheapest also want 300 yuan or so, expensive should go up 1000. The salesperson tells a reporter, the person that is pregnant this year is particularly much, it is for the pig year unripe " golden pig darling " , one day can sell a lot of.

"Is this dress radiation-proof? " the question that faces a reporter, the salesperson of a shop expresses instantly: "Of course can, the mobile phone is put inside to do not have signal, we still have detected instrument. " she says at the same time, put the mobile phone inside the dress at the same time, look again a little while, do not have signal as expected. See a reporter still show distrustful pattern, she was taken out from a box again testing instrument detects with pen. "You look, the pink dot that twinkles on the instrument now, detect when one that of pen metal comes up against pink dot, the little light in the pen can shine, this expresses to have radiation. " the discovery after the reporter tries personally, detect the little light in the pen shined immediately. Subsequently, the salesperson was in radiation-proof dress cover on the instrument, should detect when the pen levels pink bit again, the little light in the pen did not shine as expected.

It is graph psychology is comforted likely

As we have learned, the pregnant woman that sells on the market at present is installed, can divide roughly kind: A kind of radiation-proof pregnant woman that is film is installed, one kind is by tinsel blending material the radiation-proof pregnant woman of goods is installed, still one is plant is new roll out " fiber is silver-gilt " radiation-proof take. Many businessmen express when conduct propaganda, put on radiation-proof pregnant woman to take can the radiate that screen drops 99% above.

For the health of the darling in abdomen, although allow mom to also can express to suspect when buy, but total feeling is being worn is better than be not being worn. "Because be to do literal work, mix every day computer contact with, hear pregnant woman is taken can radiation-proof, for the health of darling, spent 580 yuan to buy clothing of a radiation-proof pregnant woman at the outset. " accurate mother introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady tells a reporter, "When be being bought at that time, handle machine is put in the pocket of the dress, there is signal as expected after a minute. But discover later, occasionally the mobile phone is put in the pocket, still can receive signal, what publicize in unlike advertisement is so reliable. What publicize in unlike advertisement is so reliable..
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