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Wireless disturbance removes jotter radiate to be able to cause cancer again
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IT168 stalks of grain only] the near future, alliance of Chinese Taiwan environmental protection announced electromagnetic wave of a batch of computer to detect a few days ago result, the notebook computer of many well-known trademark, wireless the electromagnetic wave that when getting online, gives out, every square metre exceeds 2000 small tile, use for a long time will endanger human body health. Message, public opinion in an uproar, is the thing like this really serious? How should be we answered again?

One, wireless radiate disturbance rises

After Taiwan saves afterwards of environmental protection alliance to undertake in the light of wireless network of universities and colleges electromagnetic wave is investigated, was aimed at the notebook computer of on the market 25 kinds of brands a few days ago, undertake wireless online electromagnetic wave launchs a quantity to detect. Result discovery, "Among them electromagnetic wave of 14 notebook computer launchs a quantity to exceed 2000 small tile, electromagnetic wave exceeds the 2000 times above that quantity case is Austrian standard, even partly still discharge phenomenon happens. By the notebook computer brand that check gives electromagnetic wave to exceed 2000 small tile, include the masses, Lun Fei, ACER, IBM, ability fine wait for 6 big plants " .

Problem of radiate of wireless net card causes jotter attention

And they think, "The people falls for a long time at the environment of electromagnetic wave, not only create the body easily tired, can violate the internal system of human body even, increase meet with considerably cancered odds, sensitive to electromagnetic wave person or growing the child in development, adolescent or pregnant woman, do not suit to be exposed for a long time fall in electromagnetic wave " .

Very regrettablly, inland pursues such investigation and study without similar orgnaization, so we cannot be informed outback notebook computer to also be put in radiation to transcend the problem of mark.

Message, the heat that caused a netizen is discussed. The netizen's reaction also each are not identical, baconian rise to basically have the following kinds of views:

① objects model
Thinking this is dinkum is to investigate an orgnaization to be in " dull gally person " acclaim in ego, " change a title more resounding perhaps " .

Bottom of ② explore probe into
If some netizen says: "Won't, is radiation so tall? Wireless AP and that wireless road by implement electromagnetism radiate how? " " in what environment do we live? " .

③ die with a grievance or everlasting regret
"All of a few computer in our office is wireless get online ah! I was decided to death! ! !!

④ is sullen model
"The computer that I am the brand that use XX is wireless get online, this article that see! This is too depressed also ah! This is too depressed also ah!!
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