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Duty field female: Him health is done advocate
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Tea of 4 cups of hairdressing ● morning -- green tea: Contain a lot ofefficient antioxidant and vitamin C, not only the freedom inside OK and cleared body base, what still can secrete antagonism insecurity pressure is hormonal. Because contain a few caffein, return OK and exciting central nervous, hearten spirit. ● afternoon -- chrysanthemum tea: Bright eye clear liver. Add medlar to be drunk frothily, or be honey is joined in chrysanthemum tea, depressed to removing be agitated is helpful. ● is crepuscular -- medlar tea: Contain rich β C of carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin, calcic, iron, have effect of kidney of filling liver, beneficial, bright purpose. ● works overtime -- definitely pine torch tea: Bones and muscles of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of clear heat, bright eye, filling encephalon, town, beneficial. If have constipation, the choice is drinkable after dinner, have the effect very much. Careful computer Disparate industry is engaged in the female that computer works, its are gravid drama is spat, the occurence rate with threatened abortion, natural abortion and unusual menstruation, compare with the female look that does not pursue computer work, have significance difference, conclude: Pregnancy undertakes computer work may increase the dangerous sex of threatened abortion and natural abortion. The electromagnetism radiation that computer produces, the likelihood causes embryo to organize the injury of DNA. Though extremely the occurence rate that whether can field of low frequency electromagnetism and radiate of electromagnetism of computer of contact of long-term small dose raise undesirable and gravid ending remains to study further, but the body and mind to protect Mu Ying is healthy, to gestation female, it is especially before pregnancy 3 months, should be not contacted or receive head getting an electric shock less to work. Not " brood " air conditioning Often sit the female of the office, especially young woman, if be in the air cooling of air conditioning for a long time to fall, may affect ovarian function, make oviposit produces an obstacle, cause period thereby maladjusted, bellyacke is abdominal distension. To avoid this kind of circumstance happening, want a room temperature above all constant control in 25 ℃ . Next, when opening air conditioning, general small part is the coolest, most cold-blooded is leg and foot, so the female must wear a sock in air conditioning room, even if filar socks it may not be a bad idea. Again, air conditioning switchs on the mobile phone after 1-3 hour, had better pass period of time, open a window to breathe fresh air, or every other arrives 1 hour outdoor activity. New derive looks alive " 3 action " Do not eat, eat! In the office every day somebody talk about again and again: The woman wants to maintain! How to just calculate maintain? Eat health care to taste? Drink fluid of profess to convinced? Still wipe famous brand cosmetic? Maintain secret Ji, it is reasonable life, do not eat more, but also do not eat less. Be on a diet and abstain from eating meal is already popular very old agitation, they can bring little imagine the evil consequence of estrogen prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Estrogen prediction of a person's luck in a given year, premature senility happened. Should eat or want to eat, eat should eat scientificly. At ordinary times, want to eat tall fibrous vegetable and fruit more, eat some of food that contains high grade protein, microelement and folic acid more appropriately, be like fish, shrimp, egg kind, animal liver kidney, bean products, black agaric, black sesame seed, red jujube, earthnut. Although want to reduce weight, adipose intake also cannot little at everyday 60 grams - 80 grams. Otherwise, cannot ensure not only the normal activity of airframe, still can throw into confusion of menstruation come normally wet, cause infecund disease. Have a poor appetite of a lot of duty field female. We should like to ask, "Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver-colored, dinner is copper " , whether are you conversed? sometimes on hunger two do not eat, eat and drink too much again sometimes? Still have indigestion, absolutely extrude comes to the indigestion before computer. Long-term nest is on the chair, the waist bends a dried, the stomach wants to work to be oppressed well hard move, eat the thing caboodle that go in to be in narrow " cubby " in, became the burden of the body.
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