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One hospital of Beijing does a bosom to be sentenced to compensate for fully to
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Be pregnant 3 months control defend a lady, when seeing a doctor, be done by the hospital after the bosom is checked fully, but stopped gravid, she tells this hospital the court for this. Today, final judgment of court of the 2nd intermediate people adjudicates Beijing hospital of the Ou Mou that tell a state compensates for his medical treatment, delay one's work, nutrition, traffic, nurse wait for charge and spirit to damage solatium to add up to 10 thousand yuan. On January 1, 2004, because have a headache,defend a lady, shed tears, cough to tell a state some hospital sees a doctor. When seeing a doctor, the doctor was not enquiring defend lady pregnant to produce history below the circumstance, to defended a lady to have X light the bosom appears an examination. Be in next in process of diagnosis and treatment, the doctor is informed defend a lady to already was pregnant about 3 months, before informing its then, courtyard of health care of past women and children continues to see a doctor. Guard lady is informed pregnant woman to undertake X bare chest appears an examination to may be affected to fetal generation via seeking advice, find a hospital to talk things over then solve, without if really. That month 8 days, defend a lady to learn to apply for appraisal of unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment to medical service of the area that tell a state, be the same as a month 13 days, medicine can think medical treatment have not terminative, determine an outcome hard, reason is made " do not grant to accept " decision. On March 3, 2004, defended a lady to be done in another hospital end gravid operation. December 2004, defend a lady to sue this hospital to the court. She thinks, deregulation of hospital working personnel, carry out undeserved examination, cause oneself to be forced to stop gravid, cause material and mental loss to oneself, medical treatment of compensation of reason requirement hospital, delay one's work, traffic, nutrition and spirit damage solatium to add up to more than yuan 69 thousand. 2 quadrangle think via cognizance, the hospital was not enquiring defend lady pregnant to produce history undertake for its X smooth fluoroscopy is checked below the circumstance, violate convention of diagnosis and treatment, behavior of its diagnosis and treatment is put in certain fault, although with defend a lady to stop gravid without inevitable connection, but the psychological burden that increased to defend a lady really. Because do not have sufficient medicine evidence to prove X is smooth,clairvoyant radiation dosage enough brings about fetal deformation, reason sentences your hospital compensation to defend lady belongings and mental loss to add up to 10 thousand yuan, suggest the hospital strengthens management, health of life of cogent protection patient and know the inside story counterpoise, avoid this kind of incident to happen again.

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