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How does summer island swim to prevent bask in?
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Have fair and clear and immaculate skin, it is the dream in all female heart. The good skin that wants to have Bai Xi is qualitative, relying on each beautiful white product only is insufficient, alleged " precaution excels cure " , before if can be in,suntanning, prevent with respect to what make nice perfectly sound bask in measure, natural can white fair and snow-white, healthy and beautiful. When seaside or hollowness area activity, if sunshine is too strong, best Tu Xie is prevented bask in cream. What is " ultraviolet ray " ? In people mouth " ultraviolet ray " return actually but the UVA that fractionize grows for the long wave, the UVB with long medium wave and short long UVC, among them UVC is in when entering aerosphere, already was in of ozonosphere defend fall to be kept apart, can radiation a remnant UVA to the ground and UVB. UVB says again " outdoors ultraviolet ray " , want proper cloak to be able to be kept apart only, it is to cause the skin to float red, agnail reachs those who bask in advocate because of; UVA meeting reflection is entered indoor, call again " indoor ultraviolet ray " , its can be thorough dermal layer, the meeting is right fiber of collagen, bounce even fiber mother cell undertakes destructive, so UVA not only be can arouse pigment to synthesize and make color of skin " blacken " , it is to cause the skin more " ageing " the main chief culprit that reachs microgroove generation. Because ultraviolet ray is omnipresent, of be all-pervasive, place is basked in in case do not divide season and shade fine weather. Ultraviolet ray is affected to cutaneous Accept ultraviolet ray when the skin excessive after insolating, can injure cuticular cell; Acid of activation cheese amine is enzymatic, quicken pigment synthesis, destroy cutaneous to maintain wet function, make the skin becomes dry, the bounce fiber in allowing dermal layer is damaged, make microgroove arises. Below intense illuminate, still can cause skin inflammation, burnable. When having unusual state, the skin cancer that can turn pigment into the gender. Prevent bask in a few necessary step Want to protect good skin, the basiccest principle does not make skin direct insolate to fall in colourful this world namely, use suit skin qualitative, suit field prevent bask in article, plus prevent appropriately bask in measure, wait like appearance of cap, parasol, long sleeve, hold back ultraviolet harm effectively. Additional, the choose and buy is prevented bask in article still must consider prevent the sunshine intensity that basks in tasted water proofing property to reach use circumstance, environment to wait. It is when you when the hollowness area activity such as a mountainous area ground or seaside, because reflection action is stronger than other place, must use more prevent bask in prime number to be prevented high bask in article will stop ultraviolet ray, otherwise regular meeting is in be not invaded by ultraviolet ray in consciousness and do not know oneself.
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