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Office gens is optimal clean skin 5 paces
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The elevator, central air conditioning, toilet that person specially assigned for a task is cleaned... the work looks in the girl in office building is happy really. But, when you the skin on the face is recuperated drilier and drilier by central air conditioning, the melanin when be modest about one's skill because what radiate of chemical coating, computer waits undesirable material a moment is exciting and " rise to surface " when, you can feel to sit office building is a kind of misfortune really. How to do? really impracticably? Actually, the enemy with the oldest skin of office young lady is dry with pollution, want you to adopt relevant preventive measure only, notice cutaneous is clean, filling water and long protect, can make skin maintain in groove. No matter cleanness is early morning get up or next coming home, you least of all can of oversight is wash a face. Do not think washing a face is a very simple thing, want to make your haemal circulation faster, quicken the untangle of harmful material, must master an accurate method that wash a face. Teach you a method washing a face that suits you most here, particular program is as follows: 1, the towel that crosses dip hot water (it is advisable that water Wen Yishao warms a hand a bit) , build gently go up in the face (of course if there is colour makeup on the face, be about to use strip of discharge makeup fluid first makeup) , use finger to press towel downward gently, your towel is stuck close facial with eye ministry skin, let the steam on towel keep about 30 seconds, circulate in order to promote the blood of facial ministry. 2, when washing a face, in order to circle the gesticulation of circle, with show the abdomen is massaged gently clean. With towel blot facial water is divided, dip spoonful salt, fall in control, the hot water that increase a point changes thick solution, resemble solution wiping the lactary that wash a face to all over again facial (eye ministry except) , delimit the circle is massaged gently (the strength on the hand must light, because some salt crystallize to did not dissolve adequately possibly, forcibly largish hurt the skin with respect to meeting rub) , wash with clear water after 30 seconds clean. Oily skin and the person that make up everyday can wash a face with salt everyday, drying and neuter skin person lie between 9 days to be washed, after be being washed, you can discover feel well of your facial and unusual dry defecate, and the skin that salt still can make you becomes exquisite and bright and clean. 3, after clean face program is finished, with water making up on flapped means, whole face flaps about 100 times equably, not only can promote haemal circulation, still can make skin smooth bouncy, need not fear gravity will visit. 4, make up after water apply passes, still should choose to have protect wet or the elite fluid that is hairdressing action, help the nutrient agent with cheek counteractive and dry supply. 5, final smear latex, the latex also should be moist degree of tall milk frostlike powder. When the weather is cold, be over with hot water cleanness facial, should reoccupy cold water spills a face, with contractive pore; When the weather is hot, still can add some of ice cube appropriately. If you review idiomatic hot water washs a face all the time,do not pass, answer successive, reduce water gradually lukewarm, ice cube is unfavorable also add much, can cause harm to flimsy blood capillary otherwise, malformation appears on your face " downy face " (red a Bai Yi piece) . Your skin compares in case thin, cold water suits you not quite, you can be after clean face, bit more multi-purpose the bright skin water that has contractive pore effect, be in the place with greater pore (for instance nose all around) press a few times more. Perhaps use latex bottle to install ice of some of bright skin water to be in the safe of freezer beforehand with a little trip, when wanting to use, take even ground gush to be on the face from freezer, remember, must not gush is much!

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