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Healthy information: Male breast is flimsy also
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To most male, the breast just is two OK and complete oversight " red bean rice " , since they are impossible that like the female's breast development is brought up, so of course also won't have so much problem generation, connect a doctor also often disease of oversight male breast. Little imagine little place often is put in big hidden trouble, can be perplexed by mammary problem place like the male. In breast cancer patient 1%For the male The mammary growth rate of normal man is very low, often be forgotten so, male people won't think of his breast to still can give an issue almost. Actually, the breast is located in the organ that body expresses as, to the male, also may be " the accident sends the ground more " . In fact, the scientist is early the domain that brings into male breast cancer medical research. Website of American cancer institute is newest the data that publish shows, at present of male breast cancer come on amount, occupy in all male cancer 0.22% . Because be inferior to studying sufficient to female breast cancer to the research of male breast cancer at present, because this expert thinks this should not be a small number, 1% what male patient takes breast cancer patient about. And the likelihood has more patients to be leaked check, not be in statistical data. The male is more dangerous than the female From theoretic say, because malign tumor organization appears inside mammary cell,the happening of lacteal cancer is, the male also has mammary gland organization, cause lacteal cancer possibly also likewise so. It is the difference as a result of physiology structure only, cause hormonal level different, so female meet with suffers from the odds of lacteal cancer to be able to be more than the male. To the female, mammary gland tumour does not calculate what is going up new issue, but to the male, because pay close attention to rarely at ordinary times, because this appears more dangerous. It is reported, because male breast does not have the development of flocculus and gland bubble, accordingly the breast wants than the female small much, organize because of male mammary gland again more fragile, once produce mammary gland tumor, very easy and outward all around diffuse, need not can spread too for long to the skin all round the breast and musculature, this is why patient of male breast cancer often is in the first time the disease when seeing a doctor period already one of later reasons. For inchoate to female breast cancer patient, although bump is very small, discover hard, but if use examination of mammary X sciagram, with respect to very can fast discovery. The dispute in constant check-up often mixes this exemple in the female effectively general, but the male takes this kind of very general examination kind rarely however, this also is the reason that tumour of male mammary gland often is ignored. What does dangerous symptom have? the breast because of the male is small, appear when male breast so when small foreign body, it is very easy be become aware, so to the female, want much at ordinary times attention only, when male breast discovers pathological changes, easier in advance discovers a problem. Appear when male breast when the following circumstance, should go to a hospital having further examination as soon as possible. 1, agglomerate to feel with strut. The main symptom of male breast cancer is, the bump inside the breast often happens in breast dizzy all round, character is stronger, border is not clear, the surface often not smooth, the activity is spent poorer. 2, mammary skin caves, the defect inside the tit, now and then companion has tit excessive blood. Meet occasionally sorely not apparent, but if discover the tit appears,answer shrink, and drag in skin, should raise vigilance. 3, lymph node enlargement. The characteristic with mammary gland the biggest tumour is easy move, if discovery is alar lymph node is so long intumescent also want special caution.
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