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The world defends an organization: Excessive ultraviolet ray causes death of 60
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World Health Organization publishs a report 26 days to point out, the radiate of sun ultraviolet ray of excessive can be brought about include skin cancer inside a certain number of healthy problems, bring about reach death of 60 thousand person every year. But should adopt a series of precautionary measures that go easily simply only, can avoid ultraviolet ray to cause harm to human body. The world defends an organization to be in this problem " burden of disease of whole world of radiant of sun ultraviolet ray " say in the report, radiate of excessive ultraviolet ray brings about the whole world to make an appointment with 48 thousand person every year to die at malign melanin tumour, 12 thousand person dies at the skin cancer of other type, include scale shape cell cancer and base cellular cancer. Besides afore-mentioned deadly diseases, the healthy problem that ultraviolet radiate causes still includes to bask in cataract of ageing of injury, skin, coriaceous sex, pterygium, lip cook rash recrudesce and infrequent eye ministry cancer of scale shape cell. Pterygium is to show conjunctiva of eye an internal angle lays organization of an abnormal lump, the meeting when growing toward cornea poses visual obstacle. This is the sanitation of global medical treatment that the world defends an organization to be caused to ultraviolet ray first the burden undertakes the system studies, its purpose is the communal sanitation that reduces ultraviolet ray to cause for each country health of public of burden, protection provides detailed guidance. The report points out, human body needs sun, the level that maintains D of the vitamin inside body especially cannot leave ultraviolet ray, and vitamin D is crucial to maintaining skeleton health. But, absorb ultraviolet radiate overly to be able to cause harm to the body. The world defends an organization to say, a few method that go easily simply can arrest a person excessive expose in ultraviolet radiate, some method belong to common sense. For example, time does not want to be exposed below the sun midday too long, summer wears long sleeve shirt, wear sunshade cap and blinkers, use prevent bask in an index to be 15 or taller prevent bask in article, do not let the child bask too long etc.

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