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WHO 2007 to WHO announced Eye Institute - 2009 computer radiation 3 million people each year lead to blindness. And issued an orange alert: "computer radiation hazards to humans far more than Sudan, melamine , SASI, HINI, and thus virtually destroy our eyes. "According to Chinese Medical Association, was of Investigation in China, more than 65% of Internet users due to computer radiation cause different eye diseases, radiation hazards continue to increase in the Strong! WASHINGTON News: "In a high-tech companies to work a 30-year-old engineer, eight hours staring at a computer all day seventh sudden blindness.'s Liberation Army 474 Hospital, expert consultation concluded that: the engineer blind Radiation caused by the computer. In the course of prolonged use of computers, computer radiation penetrating ocular surface tissue, damage the eye imaging, leading to retinal shrinkage, damage, disorders of the blood supply to the optic nerve circulation disorder, leading To blind. " In today's highly information-oriented era, large national defense, small individual businesses, are entirely dependent on the computer's high-speed information transmission. U.S. "Time magazine" the importance of this interpretation of the Internet: "If the global network Interrupted for one hour, the direct economic loss will reach $ 3000000000000000; if network outages a day, human civilization will be back 10 years. As a 'double-edged sword', the computer technology on human irreplaceable role to play at the same time , Like a time bomb destroying a super-human. "Nuclear expert at Ohio State University Mark? Wembley Moore (Mark Bullimore) Professor in the paper stated:" If one day the 100 million computer generated radiation Shot together, then it is equivalent to the amount of radiation released by the bombing of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the total amount of radiation released. " WHO WHO disclosed Eye Institute, the current to prevent computer radiation damage the eyes of the most effective radiation protection is to wear computer glasses. Ophthalmic branch of the Chinese Medical Association experts point out that radiation has a filtering effect of eyewear , Can block 98.5% of the electromagnetic wave, infrared, X-ray, ultraviolet, and special high-frequency, high frequency, medium frequency and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and electrostatic fields such as radiation on the eye caused by injury. "Shopping Guide" in July reported In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities, to sharp eye for the leading brands of radiation glasses greatly office workers of all ages, as anti-radiation glasses of choice for the computer. Three kinds of soup can help you Di infringement of radiation, but also protect your eyes, anti-irritability it! 1. Mung bean barley soup: bean can heat and detoxifying, diuretic swelling, barley can Jianpizhixie, are light Qi, who often need to use a computer or who agitated by staying up late, dry eyes, dry mouth, skin Drying , In addition to eat more fruits and vegetables and add water, but the bean barley soup as a snack food, very helpful for the elimination of irritability. 2. Fungus jujube soup: Ingredients Poria, Chinese yam and medicine, jelly (or black fungus) with dates, cooked with a little rock sugar or honey, can be a dessert or afternoon tea. Dates rich in nutrition, vitamin content 20 times higher than the apple; Tremella contains collagen, to increase skin elasticity, fullness subcutaneous tissue, making skin smooth and delicate. 3. Ginkgo barley soup: the role of ginkgo lungs with qi, and dehumidification, and barley with a heat effect, the ginkgo, barley and a little dried bean soup, twice a week. Especially in the dry season Heavenly gas consumption, make the body Shu Yun unobstructed. Some fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins to protect the eye: VA known as the "eye of the essential," said, is to prevent dry eyes, vision loss, night blindness in the recipe; VB source of nutrition is one of the optic nerve, VB1 inadequate , Eye fatigue; VB2 inadequate as to cause keratitis; vitamin A and a number of carotenoids, are the necessary elements to maintain eye health; vitamin E can reduce cholesterol, body waste removal, prevention of cataract; Lutein in fruits and vegetables also have the role of slow deterioration of eyesight. Animal liver, shrimp, fish, lean meat and so on. Eat liver, to promote the regeneration of retinal rhodopsin. For regular use of computers, attention should be added the following Food and Nutrition: 1. Anti-Radiation of food: spirulina, sea buckthorn oil, gingko nuts and black food. 2. Beneficial to the eyes of food: eggs, cod liver oil, cheese, honey, milk, wheat germ, sesame, soybean and so on. 3. Enhance the resistance of the food: soy, mushrooms, fungus, seaweed and dates. 4. Skincare beauty of food: such as cherries, fruit skin.
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