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The baby boom urges outfit of hot radiation-proof pregnant woman to still do not
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Discovered recently, things is borrowing all sorts of mother baby on aid peaceful market to gather together socially the agitation flourishing of child of pig of be pregnant with rises, and so-called and OK cut off radiation-proofly, completely the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman that electromagnetism disturbs gets the favour of a lot of accurate mom. From aid peaceful city pledges inspect branch understands, at present radiation-proof take still do not have national level, and expert of hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics expresses, actually pregnant woman can have a lot of idea own radiation-proof.

7 days, in aid peaceful city the pregnant woman of one large market is installed see before shop, the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman of many brands is being sold, the price differs to 779 yuan from 339 yuan. These are radiation-proof take tagging radiation-proof effect to be in 99.9% above. Introduce according to bazaar assistant, these are radiation-proof take detect through authoritative branch, can prevent the article such as mobile phone, computer effectively the radiate to pregnant woman.

Be aimed at radiation-proof the radiation-proof ability that take, division of standard of bureau of qualitative inspect of aid peaceful city the staff member says, so far, our country has not been aimed at the national level of radiation-proof dress and occupation standard technically, of businessman place basis is self-ordained industry standard merely. Best requirement inn-keeper shows radiate of photograph official seal to detect when citizen choose and buy report.

Since be limitted to what radiation-proof outfit did not make clear at present, still have other radiation-proof method? To this, department of gynaecology and obstetrics of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of aid peaceful city Director Zhao says, pregnant woman should avoid to use a mobile phone as far as possible; When other uses a mobile phone, want to maintain 1 meter of distances beyond with pregnant woman; When pregnant woman operates computer, the distance shows screen wants to have 30 centimeters at least, switch on the mobile phone instantaneous electromagnetism radiate is the biggest, also want escape.

In addition, director Zhao returns a proposal, pregnant woman diet should eat liver of carrot, kelp, tomato, lean lean, animal to wait for the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A, vitamin C and protein more, these food can enhance ability of radiant of electromagnetism of human body resistance.

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