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Jinan will have 6, darling of 70 thousand pig is ready, golden pig darling comes
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Jinan will have 6, darling of 70 thousand pig is ready, golden pig darling comes Http://sight.luneng.com 2007-03-05 city female declare

Professional personage guards estimation, the whole nation can have probably this year amount to the pig darling of 22 million to be born, jinan predicts to have 6, the pig baby of 70 thousand is born, gather together the phenomenon of unripe child already unavoidable. According to observation, these accurate father, accurate mom is in happy, a few more also vexed, queue up to do for instance produce check, for instance unripe this year child wants beautiful money, the likelihood is about to compare in former years many many coming.
◇ an office 3 pregnant woman
Suffer seek a person: Li Li
Be pregnant time: 3 months
Profession: Company employee
I married last year, saying is a dog year flourishing husband, this year is hearsay 60 years encounter " golden pig " year, unripe darling food fortune is great. So strong ties gets married, I am pregnant rapidly closely, want " golden pig child " . But, idea whacking of everybody is similar, 3 pregnant woman appeared at a draught in the office of ten people!
Our three often gathers communication result, which forum is good, which kinds of nourishment canal is used, must be in full swing a little, other staff can'ts bear its faze a little. Arrived to produce check when, we make an appointment to go to a hospital, chat a little, the time that await is so not provoking. But passed a few times, we discover the boss' complexion is uglier and uglier, once he couldn't help speaking one's innermost thoughts and feelings eventually: "You should check me to be able to be approved, but an office altogether has 10 to come only an employee, 3 people go together, delay the job more! Delay the job more!!
Suffer seek a person: Wu Kaihui
The identity: Li Li's boss
Be pregnant go producing check, normal. Can gather together be pregnant produce check, too cause delay in work or business. When not was pregnant, they 3 very aspirant, occupied now do not have a thing to go Yo the go for a walk on the website, be slack in work a little, and their energy is really finite, cannot assign heavier task, now company hand very be in short supply. We must make the best of time to go new personality of invite applications for a job. Tell the truth, now I a little fear enrols the female employee of Yo age.
Relevant investigation orgnaization discovers, current, those who exceed 4 to become suffer investigation HR manager to think, "Golden pig darling is wet " the biggest to influence of enterprise HR government is to cause " hand is in short supply " ; The person that next 22.3% get air thinks, "Cost raises " the impact is the biggest; And think " working discipline slack " , " pressure of invite applications for a job increases " and " personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year " scale close, it is respectively 12.1% , 11.3% with 10.9% .
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