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Does pharmacy market enter global copy to shuffle greatly overnight?
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China raw firm and Andrx company were reached a few days ago and buy intention, china raw firm will be contributive ready money of 1.9 billion dollar buys Andrx company. This is bought the record is right industry of American copy pharmacy brought not little impact, at the same time suggestive also competition of market of pharmacy of copy of border going abroad is intense with each passing day, each manufacturer tries to contend for existing market through be being bought, assure vivosphere, have tendency of radiant of Xiang Xinxing market. Whether has the period that copy pharmacy market adjusts come? China unripe AndrxBuy case China of raw firm and Andrx company buy case already applied for approval commission of American federal trade, but still need bilateral shareholder plenary meeting to vote. Once pass, trade will come true inside 6 months. China raw firm is the United States' main copy pharmacy company, make the copy pharmacy that includes the drug such as Valium and Percocet, 2005 business amount 1.6 billion dollar. The business domain of Andrx company covers copy pharmacy to make release a technology to study two much with medicaments, business amount was 1.15 billion dollar 2004. Buy an agreement to show, china raw company will pay Andrx company every 25 dollars, be equivalent to Andrx company be in before reach and buying intention 30 days premium of average share price the price of 32% . The message is announced that day, price of closing quotation of Andrx company stock is compared closing quotation price is elevatory last week 9.9% , reach 23.73 dollars. China raw company share price drops 55 cent, with 29 dollars closing quotation. Such share price goes up it is normal to still calculate the enterprise in dropping to be opposite and be bought, and once two companies are united in wedlock smoothly, will rank manufacturer of pharmacy of completely beautiful copy the 3rd, the platoon is after peaceful China company and Mylan company, become the 4th large copy of world to control medical company. Two companies hope have the aid of is amalgamative the competition ability that restricts medical domain in order to strengthen in copy. Andrx company hopes to acquire more comprehensive native land sale channel, new product and new technology from inside be bought; After incorporating China reserve lieutenant general has the product line of raw firm to more than 60 experiment or appear on the market copy pharmacy, sale hopeful raised 2.8 billion dollar 2007, can reduce the cost of the link such as sale, management at the same time, the medicaments delay that enters high additional cost commentate technical domain. Nevertheless, of two companies buy an intention and did not value to invest a bound. Standard general Er will China in giving birth to a company to include small progress credit company list. Whether can the practical effect that major investment analyst oppugns this and buys have the effect of 1 1>2, think to should be bought those who because be He Nuohua company of peaceful China company is finished,move is big buy business of exciting copy pharmacy to contend for undertake capital conformity. Moody of financial advisory firm is right China raw firm gives out BA1 grade (unwell collaboration is investment target) , but reservation reexamine counterpoises, once decide China raw company financial condition can maintain in high end, it is ascendant grade BAA3 (have congenial factor, cannot ensure investment is safe) ; If be filled with interest rate to last on the low side, will reduce credit level. Moody company analyst thinks, the company after incorporating will be in inferior gain to lead interval in 18 months of future. The reason that each analyst does not value is very much, basically be to think China the purpose sex that raw firm and Andrx company buy is not strong. Peaceful China company and Ivax company are the enterprise with very adjacent type, both union will produce overlay effect. But Andrx company is a company that pays attention to medicaments to release a technology more however, only subordinate Anda company is doing copy pharmacy, cannot give in copy pharmacy domain China the advantage that lays a company to bring product line, consequently analysts think, china raw firm is contributive buy department of such Xiaogong of pharmacy of a copy to come aggrandizement core competition ability cannot be taken very much. Look in analysts, this is buys to buy deed. But also the analyst thinks, china of raw firm buy original intention to be not complete to form capital dominant position, mainer is to march the international market considers. China the jam that gave birth to a company to had seen market of American copy pharmacy, hope in growth rapid Asia and South-American market get commercial advantage, be participated in accordingly and buy, try to enlarge capital base, can use the power that Andrx company has built in Indian compose. However, china of raw firm so the odds with successful intent is not big, because of to global strategy layout character, china raw firm can the abroad foundation of depend on is too fragile, and because be bought,the force in copy pharmacy industry also does not have oneself and somewhat augment.
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