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Walk out of the error that domestic oxygen health care treats
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Domestic health care sucks oxygen to won't cause oxygen toxic Above all we should know what is oxygen toxic: The oxygen that presses when inspiratory high concentration, high flow, high component exceeds certain time limit, oxygen is free base generation is more than when keeping clear of, freedom radical may cause overmuch oxygen the functional sex of airframe or implement qualitative sex is damaged, damage this kind normally call oxygen toxic. But freedom radical is opposite the right amount oxygen inside body the body has profit, the synthesis that it can promote nucleotide of albumen of prostate element, thyroid element, thrombin source, collagen, ribose to wait, in addition oxygen is free base the effect that still has antiseptic disinfection, the oxygen inside whack private parts is free base generation and cleared maintain position is balanced in trends. How many oxygen to suck to you can cause oxygen after all toxic? Often press condition to issue nose conduit to absorb oxygen normally (inspiratory oxygen chroma is made an appointment with 35% ) suck 15 days or so continuously, often press airtight face guard to absorb oxygen (oxygen of portable high pressure) suck 8 hours or so to produce oxygen likely continuously toxic, attract so long time impossibly when the home applies actually continuously, so domestic health care absorbs oxygen is to won't produce oxygen toxic. Suck oxygen to won't produce dependence The dependence that says on medicine is the dependence that is aimed at some kind of medicaments technically, especially action arises more easily at neurological medicaments depend on. Include spirit to depend on count two sides with the body: Alleged drive is depended on is to show the patient becomes the allergy of addiction medicaments to long for to this, obtain the abnormal pleasure after taking drug with its. Alleged body is depended on is to show the patient takes some kind of medicaments hind repeatedly, central nervous system produced change of physiology of some kind of pathology, as a result needs this kinds of medicaments to last inside consist in body, because stop drug,in an attempt to avoids and the special give up of generation breaks a symptom. Health care absorbs oxygen or oxygen cure does not have afore-mentioned requirements apparently, its reason is as follows: The first, oxygen is not medicaments; The 2nd, oxygen is need of human body ever since one's birth the gas that absorbs for a long time from inside air ceaselessly; The 3rd, sucking what oxygen place is treated or alleviate is anoxia shape, do not bring the pleasure with special what; The 4th, we cannot be counted on absorb oxygen lifelong cure, after stopping to absorb oxygen, appear again the symptom is returned actually before is anoxic expression, be not Buddhist monastic discipline to break a symptom. Anyhow, suck oxygen to won't produce dependence. Generator of negative oxygen ion cannot improve a bedroom anoxic Negative oxygen is ionic: Say simply, captured namely the oxygen element of an electron, colorless, insipidity, can transfer below the action of air current, diffuse. Below normal circumstance, air element is shown electrically neutral (not electrified) , below the action such as radiate of cosmic ray, ultraviolet ray, minim, be struck by lightning, make air element loses the electron that rotates around nucleus partly, the free electron of these transgression takes negative electric charge, can be united in wedlock with element of other and neuter gas again, make it also takes negative electric charge, because the ability of oxygen capture free electron is more than other gas far. The anion majority that because this air is medium,makes is negative oxygen ion. But negative oxygen ion is not stable, desertion very easily an electron and ozonize. Can survive a few seconds to arrive a few minutes commonly in air, its generation and disappear can maintain one trends to balance. Usually, the chroma sunshine of ion of air negative oxygen is more than the cloudy day, the summer is more than winter, more than afternoon in the morning, the concentration of negative oxygen ion all round seaside, high mountain, forest and greenbelt is high, negative oxygen is ionic how many, it is to measure one of important levels with whether fresh air. According to the regulation of World Health Organization, the chroma of negative oxygen ion every are cubic centimeter not under 1000 reach 1500, for fresh air. The negative oxygen ion in air has purify dust, eliminate a bacteria, purify airy action, cannot increase the oxygen concentration in air. Negative oxygen ion still is in to the action of human body start research phase, rely on this to raise indoor oxygen chroma, improvement so the viewpoint of anoxic condition still does not have airframe at present scientific basis.
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