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Health food " feed " do not surname " medicine "
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Come on the stage expert: Vice director of council of guidance of nutrition of association of industry of food of Liu Jianwen China, committee member of committee of experts of association of Chinese senile health care is current, no matter your home is to have,be faced with the university entrance exam, medium the student that take an examination of, medium still old people can think of to buy some of health food. According to " Chinese dweller nutrition and healthy state investigation " show: Utilization rate of replenishers of the nutrition in our country city is 10.1% , as the buildup of people health consciousness, health food is really in people life more and more have proper important place. Health food function is different have a way each different Stipulate health food has 27 kinds of functions currently, senile and lifetime experience children of the person, teenager, youth, prime of life, middleaged, different life level, the function of the life activity of each phase and organ is endless and same, at the same time each age paragraph live situation of environment, habits and customs, job is endless also and same, the health food that reason place uses also won't identical. Should press level of healthy state, age, be engaged in condition of profession, geographical environment, physiology, different sexual distinction undertaking choosing. Be like inferior healthy crowd is given priority to with choosing immune adjustment product, face exam and job extraordinary tension person, can choose the product that fight exhaustion or enhances memory, if jump over foreign long-distance trip to be able to choose fade black element to adjust equation of time, if join mountain-climbing campaign, can choose be able to bear or endure anoxic reach fight radiation product, old people can be chosen fight oxidation product and right amount and compensatory vitamin and mineral. Anyhow, according to individual need, contrast indicative sanitarian function, read a manual in detail, choose next, be the concubine is not sent by accident, notice even at the same time " unfavorable crowd " wait for contraindication like pregnant woman, children, allergic constitution, lest cause undesirable reaction. Health care is tasted do not be a purpose in order to treat a disease Health food is old say " cordial " , chinese since ancient times religiosity " feed fill " , have call " medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill " , common saying says " it is medicine 3 minutes poison " , to this, have more in the composing of home of past dynasties cure state: "Firm intense of property of a medicine, still person drive arms, of arms fierce cruel, allow absurd to treat " , and " feed can discharge unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and install internal organs of the body, as a way of of annals of Yue look feel well enrages blood " , view " food crops is raise, 5 fruit are aid, it is beneficial without cultivate, 5 dish are fill " , the Chinese nation uses dietary Jie with preserve one's health, filling empty caustic, restitute is angry, already had history of thousands of years, the health food on current market, the medicine in 70% above result from is academic, use medicine to feed amphibious Chinese traditional medicine raw material is made, already realized industrialized production, have truly adjust airframe function and the action that prevent a disease. Basis " health food registers administrative measure (try out) " the 2nd regulation: "Health food is to point to claim to have function of specific health care or in order to complement vitamin, mineral the food that is a purpose, use at specific Xx crowd aptly namely, have adjust airframe function, do not be a purpose in order to treat a disease " . The fixed position with visible clear health food is " food " , accordingly, have the person of the disease, should ask a doctor to have make a diagnosis and give treatment, and do not eat health food when medicine, lest miss the favorable opportunity of cure.
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