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Summer gives strategy of You Meili travelling bag
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A lot of females can choose go out to travel loosen the mood. Though go out light start off is good, but having a good swim gallant land when, "Beautiful travelling bag " it is however cannot little. At the same time amuse oneself protects skin hairdressing at the same time, really extremely! After getting up in the morning, hollow drink a cup of warm boiled water, can make human body circulatory system sufficient and more active. Next, wash a face with the Wen Shui that is close to temperature, cold water of the reoccupy after be being washed takes dozen of skin gently, can let skin enhance flexibility, nevertheless sensitivity skin can omit this one measure. If time allows, the moisture that can wait for skin to go up evaporates after working, protect on besmear again wet make up water, besmear gently next frost of a nutrition day, can use all round eye ministry skin prevent bask in reach those who maintain wet function is relaxed model eye frost. Did not forget labial ministry to maintain at the same time, usable also petrolatum is replaced. Of course, if you miss makeup appearance,go out relaxedly amuse oneself, that still can make up weak. Take off extremely easily as a result of the midsummer of high temperature makeup, hold concurrently so relaxed, prevent bask in, it is necessary by the pink of function of the sex that prevent sweat. 1.Facial ministry nurses No matter you are the skin of which kinds of type, if prep against wind is carrying the sun on the head, the facial ministry skin that can let you is sere and gaunt. Must choose accumulate contain rich ability in swimming of the nutrient composition such as moist composition and vitamin A and E protect skin to taste, and the recipe do not have oil of SPF20 nurses day of frost, can strengthen the harmful freedom is ionic harm in sufferring an environment with protective skin. Except use prevent bask in outside tasting, wear a cap to open an umbrella even, the wide cap of edge having a hat and parasol but ultraviolet ray of keep out part. 2.Eye ministry nurses No matter look oneself skin how moist, the skin all round the eye still is met dry. For the fashionable woman that travels to summer, the eye is inflammation is red more " dangerous area " , if encounter sand blown by wind, really terrible. So, had better drip fluid of some of bright eye eye, you can feel the borneol inside licks ball of lap have sth in mind like composition resembling spring, safeguard a pair a mind which perceives both past and future. Of course, protective eye still has another a magic weapon: Glasses, include sunglass and windbreak lens, give a lady to had better choose the spectacles with wrap up a bit bigger range, can make you whole so eye ministry avoids those who get sunshine and sand blown by wind " baptism " . 3.Labial ministry nurses The lip does not have sebaceous glands, easier hair works in journey. Should choose SPF index to be 8 ~ of 15 moist nurse lipstick, in order to avoid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of labial ministry moisture.
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