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How to reduce mobile phone radiate?
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Today, the mobile phone already made the necessary articles for use of modern, and the mobile phone returns almost from morning till night close-fitting follow host: By day, the man is hanged between the waist more, put in the pocket before trouser pocket or bosom; The lady is taken more go up in the hand, before be being hanged at the bosom or put in vanity. In the evening, a lot of people still put the mobile phone in the head of a bed to be used when alarm clock. Nevertheless, while those who enjoy a mobile phone to bring is convenient, you should try the harm of bring down mobile phone to health! When we call with the mobile phone, frequency signal is high-frequency phone signal through mobile phone changeover, blast off with the form of electromagnetic wave through aerial next go out, right now, relatively intense electromagnetism radiation can produce near the mobile phone. Be reflexed by human body skin after human body of electromagnetic wave radiate or be absorbed by human body, build the harm of didymous human body easily. Guangdong saves Tang Guohan of doctor of chairman of room of element of physics of courtyard of occupational disease prevention and cure to think, below regular dose, electromagnetism radiate is more extensive to the healthy influence of human body, can cause the change of the functional respect such as nerve, heart and vessels, immunity, reproduction, and the cataract that causes an eye, especially the occurence rate of neurasthenia Hou Qun is remarkable heighten, its symptom is general with dizziness, have a headache, sleep-disorder, tired, memory drops reach palpitation to give priority to. And contact radio frequency radiate to professional sex (microwave) exercise crowd investigates discovery, the scale of male and female of its filial generation appeared apparently male girl's much phenomenon, and its intelligence level and contrast group have significance difference quite. Million of Cao of place of safety of environment of center of control of Chinese disease precaution and healthy and relevant product enters a researcher, the investigation that the company employee that does not have a mobile telephone with 101 in the 115 companies employee to having a mobile telephone has discovers, use mobile telephone and bosom are frowsty, disgusting concern with the symptom such as anorexia. Right among them user of 88 mobile telephones and user of 77 blame mobile phone undertake Morpheus quality and depressed influence investigate analytic discovery, use mobile phone may cause the undesirable effect such as insomnia, much dream. Without doubt, radio frequency radiate can affect the function that live body of the cell organizes, but an important payoff is the bulk that gets the energy that the place that take matter is accepted and draws. The 1stAction: Decrease as far as possible communicate time. Use mobile phone person should as far as possible to make a long story short, reduce every time as far as possible communicate time. If communicate,time needs truly longer, so among might as well stop, cent is become twice or chat 3 times. A side head that holds a mobile phone when you or facial feel calorific, when perspiring, answer to stop to communicate instantly. How to calculate are oneself receiving the radiation that when listening to a mobile phone, gets? There is a more complete metric level in international division academia, it is value of so called SAR (namely " than absorptivity " ) , the electromagnetic wave radiant energy that the material that is quality of the unit inside unit time draws is measured, common ground is told, it is mobile phone radiate the influence size to human body. Tang Guohan introduces, guangdong saves courtyard of occupational disease prevention and cure to once had done a research, with international the mobile phone of two kinds of model of well-known trademark regards radiation as the source, radiation frequency all is 900MHz, mobile phone antenna is apart from by illuminate sample 1 centimeter, communicate 30 minutes continuously, the average radiate intensity of two mobile phones exceeds national sanitation level far 50 μ W/cm2. If often dial hatchet man machine for long to may arise to the body,have adverse effect, hit mobile phone time to grow to should take care more too that is to say microwave radiate.
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