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"Raise a flower to cause cancer " say to be uncovered completely close
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Domestic middling grows flowers 97%Good human body Huana arboretum expresses about the scholar, plant a flower to raise grass to be able to purify air, adjust temperature. Of course, a little poisonous plant can produce a few toxicant to pledge, especially irritability pollen, harmful even volatile gas. But as sunshine radiate same, excessive can cause skin cancer, and right amount sunshine illuminate is beneficial to human body. Flowers and plants also is such, as long as right amount do not have a problem. And whether can human body suffer excretive of flowers and plants harmful material impact, also resist with the individual's body ability is concerned. Great majority plant is actually harmless to human body, show according to concerning a material, it is normally in 368 kinds of flowers of domestic grow, having 97% is beneficial to human body health, especially those flowers that contain aroma, aroma can help illness of people prevention and cure more, for example white orchid, white chrysanthemum has cleared lung to heat up a function, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus has life-giving wake cerebral effect. In 1000 appearance in the plant kingdom of 100 condition, really some of plant contains slight toxin, but do not cause cancer certainly, for example the white latex of the juice of oleander, poinsettia. Because this suggests the citizen is best when cultivating painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style,because of the person surprise him selection likes and hurtless flowers, indoor kind of flower is not too much also, and should notice to maintain airiness. Send cancer to say exaggerated flowers endangers a gender Flowers of college of Hua Na agriculture learns to teach Dr. Fan Yanping to express, a few flowers is really poisonous, alkaloid is contained in tulip for example, if eat tulip,arrive inside body, can be opposite for certain human body is harmful, but the purpose that people cultivates painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style is to view and admire, is not edible, want not to have poisonous painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style only, won't have what problem commonly. Of course, also can have a few harmful material sends out in air, but because content is extremely finite, also won't cause a harm to the person, won't cause cancer more. So, flowers can cause cancer this kind of view does not have how many scientific basis, the harm sex that this is a poisonous flowers exaggerated. Have the flowers and plants of certain noxiousness to partial juice, want not to contact flowers often with the body only, not informal and picked, gnaw bite, with respect to won't harmful body. So far, there still is which kinds of flowers on the world production be prohibitinged, sale. The sort of statement that can cause cancer about flowers and plants, pure belong to fussily. The small number of people is can allergic to pollen, but this can not say flowers is poisonous.

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