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Regional medicine of Beijing building whole nation is current center
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Beijing key builds a project -- content of medicine of close cloud developing zone sheds garden to built a few days ago and enable formally. It is indicating home is in Beijing of preexistence of current center rate builds the 5 big regional medicine of build. Content of medicine of close cloud developing zone sheds the key collaboration that is Beijing and the Anhui province field to build a project. Development of industry of You Miyun of medical garden area and group of medicine of Anhui Hua Yuan invest construction jointly, be located in inside developing zone of close cloud county, face 101 nations line and Beijing closely bear high speed, cover an area of many mus 150, have automation exhibition hall of stereo constant temperature and storehouse 30000 square metre, basically store medicines and chemical reagents of biological product, antibiotic and medicine of sale finished product, chemical raw material and preparation, preparation, biochemistry add up to 20 thousand much breed. According to be in charge of the medicine of Anhui China source that prepare to construct group controller introduces, the Anhui province that China source group is in too with the county the medical distribution centre that is domestic tradition, have the name of barometer of market of Chinese medicinal material. Option of China source group and Beijing cooperate about the branch, namely will too the traditional experience with medical market duplicates Beijing, use Beijing's powerful market radiate effect, compose builds to connect urban and rural medical market system. Current, there already was many 4000 medicine of countrywide to produce an enterprise to garrison after medical garden builds, they are the means that uses straight battalion to be sold continuously orgnaization of sanitation of each medical treatment and medicine to manage an enterprise to offer medicines and chemical reagents to supply. As we have learned, current, sale of cure medicines and chemical reagents is in Beijing many yuan 600. Area of garden of close cloud medicine is the whole nation sells one of distributing center centers in the area of 5 big medicine that establish, its building, will be a center by force with Beijing substantially greatly, the medical circulation market of radiation China north, northeast area, predict its market share inside this year will break through 3 billion yuan. Will make circumjacent area medical establishment has more rich, low-priced medicine goods to offer an alternative, make contribution to reduce medical cost to ensure the safety that use drug.

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