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4 big " killer " finish your hairdressing becomes aware
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Modern wants to sleep well rest, be more and more difficult, many person suffer from sleep distress of bad, restless, besides should know outside releasing pressure, some things are taken / your hairdressing also may be affected to become aware on Dai Zaishen! With adult for, morpheus demand makes an appointment with 7 ~ 9 hours, morpheus is insufficient (1) incidental accident calamity, because the traffic accident cause that American statistic has 1/3 is concerned with Morpheus inadequacy. (2) immune force drops, yi Sheng is ill, course of diseases is longer, not easy heal. (3) consider to discover, morpheus inadequacy brings about inadequacy of element of cerebrum tight system, appetite soars, have fat tendency easily. (4) the female is hormonal maladjusted, skin condition becomes poor. (5) with melancholia fit has dependency. See from this, morpheus is right the person's importance. How should avoid insomnia or the Morpheus quality that had had? 1. Nurturance is fixed Morpheus and get up habit. 2. Before sleeping 1 hour does not see TV or movie. 3. When preparation retires for the night, do not read a book, tell a telephone call or consider an issue. 4. Before sleeping, do spend extend gently to hold, do not want intense campaign. 4 ~ moved at 6 o'clock afternoon, conduce to in the evening Morpheus. 5. Wash a hot bath. 6. Cramped of involved and abstruse effect of book conduce Mian. 7. Regard bedchamber as pure the place that sleep, yield bedchamber and result of Morpheus generation coupling. 8. Lie on the bed more than 15 minutes to still cannot fall asleep, do not become again and again again decoct fish! Get up to read a book or listen can the music of Relax. Cloggy Morpheus element (1) the mobile phone studies to electromagnetic wave at present, half and half of stand or fall, can avoid avoid. Contact electromagnetic wave for a long time, the influence is neurological with physiology function (fade black hormone is secreted reduce) , influence Morpheus. (2) watch is watch not only, when Morpheus, can have manacle feeling or too close clothings to want to avoid. Electronic watch has minim electromagnetic wave, quartz is expressed or luminous watch contains radium radiate, accumulate for a long time may affect nerve, brainwave, bring about fall asleep not easily. (3) bust bodice affects bosom health, research points out the person that the person that wear bust bodice more than 12 hours everyday compares short time or do not wear underwear, the opportunity that meet with has breast cancer leads tower above 20 times above. Because bosom organization is oppressed,the reason is, bring about lymphatic current to move suffocate suffocate to hinder, make toxin stays in bosom be caused by. (4) pore of colour makeup block, grease is secreted have an obstacle, have acne easily, influence cell metabolizes, quicken ageing of facial ministry skin. Aid Mian young assistant The following 4 food, prove the effect of conduce Mian through the experiment, but be not try immediately become effective, 1, 2 need long-term build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food, 3, 4 it is to pass through exciting smell to achieve the result that aid Mian. (1) the food that contain calcium: Calcium has stable nerve effect, the dot can be drunk to be like soup of paste of milk, sesame seed, corn to wait before sleeping aid Mian. (2) tea of lotus lotus root or rose tea also conduce brings compose oneself classics. (3) onion section: If the space places onion section to be able to aid Mian,research discovers, because onion can let brainwave tend gently, become α wave, loosen the effect. (4) lavender: Lavender flavour can stabilize mood, stable nerve, research confirms truly conduce Mian effect.
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