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Middleaged person highs high into cancer a group of things with common features
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Coming 21 days on April 15 is dozenth " week of conduct propaganda of countrywide tumour prevention and cure " . The theme this year is " reasonable food, prevent cancer " . Expert estimation, closely related the cancer of 35% and food. Yesterday, on the informal discussion that in Zhongshan university tumour center of prevention and cure holds, in 10 thousand Professor De Sen professors point out director of division of abdomen of big tumour hospital, former dean, "Cancer enters from the mouth " cent is two kinds of types: It is to absorb carcinogen directly, 2 it is dietary structure unreasonable, battalion nurturance divides disequilibrium, be like long-term fast adipose food, suffer from large intestine easily breast cancer, prostate cancer and cancer, pancreatic cancer. Guangdong is big province of cancer of the liver, the precaution of cancer of the liver is emphasized at " change water, mouldproof, prevent hepatitis " , consider to discover, a few liver cancer of domestic send an area high, the resident goes from mildew daily yellow aspergillus element is absorbed in the cooking oil of earthnut crush out overmuch. Of the wet Shan area of Guangdong and home too area of travel mountain range is esophagus cancer " heavy disaster area " , consider to discover, the dweller often eats bloat a large number of nitrite are contained in dish, enter human body to encounter protein meeting to decompose those who cause cancer inferior saltpetre amine, bring about esophagus cancer and cancer of the stomach. Secretary of this courtyard Party committee holds pectoral division director Professor Rong Tiehua concurrently to point out, at present lung cancer still first place of pop chart of cause of death of cancer of lord it over, pollution of smoking, environment, contact is of all kinds radiation is to bring about lung cancer to come on the main factor that goes tall continuously. Rate of urban female smoking rises, rural woman cooks with firewood etc, easy " fume " give lung cancer. In occupying Yu of Lin Tong of assistant dean of big tumour hospital teachs the introduction, ministry of Public Health is newest the data that publish shows, the whole nation sends tumor patient newly every year 1.5 million, incidence of a disease is 1.2 ‰ , but be in 3 ground of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, cancer incidence of a disease is 2 ‰ about, exceed one times of countrywide average level. The middleaged person that is in gold age becomes crowd of cancer tall danger. 45.68% what middleaged person takes case of all cancer death. Expert analysis, the environmental carcinogenic substance that industrialized progress produces, in human body preclinical it is 10-20 mostly year, right now life as it happens is entered middleaged. Next, middleaged person " on have next old having small " , life burden is the heaviest, mental pressure is greater, bring about healthy level to drop, immune force is reduced, touch the stimulation that does not suffer carcinogenic substance; The 3rd, level of hormone of middleaged period human body produces a change, cause cancer of the film inside breast cancer, uterus easily to wait. At present very much small hospital also purchases CT to detect cancer, but the operation is extremely non-standard, for this, in Lu Taixiang of assistant dean of big tumour hospital teachs a hope, each are big the hospital should establish uniform examination standard, result of costly equipment supervision is OK each other admits

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