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Radiate of pocket mobile phone is big
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Nowadays, what cabinet, fashionable mobile phone already became a lot of city women is new bestow favor on. However, university of Beijing post and telecommunications Professor Gao Yougang thinks, the mobile phone with too cabinet exterior, function of its electromagnetism radiation protection is not perfected likely. To reduce electromagnetism radiate, connect regular meeting to set layer of screen of a metal in mobile phone interior, so that change electromagnetism radiate into heat energy,use up. But if mobile phone bulk is too cabinet, sacrifice can be made on the size in metallic screen layer, make its filter to electromagnetism radiant the function is abate. Although return the Bao Hou that cannot affirm metallic screen layer and radiation-proof intensity,have how many concern, but the mobile phone with minor volume, its are radiation-proof the function is affected probably. Accordingly, appearing cabinet, defend function before strong mobile phone, do not choose temporarily " pocket model " mobile phone. Link How to reduce mobile phone radiate The mobile phone puts through 1 second receives the radiation when listening to a mobile phone to bide one's time again lesser, the radiate when communicating is bigger, the radiate when number is dialed and putting through is the biggest. To make a long story short calls not to exceed 5 ~ 10 minutes every time, ear leaves a few further when picking up the telephone. When signal is too wrong use less have 1 case only when signal when, when the emissive intensity of mobile phone signal may want fuller than signal standard 1000 times bigger. Pick up the telephone when signal is bad, should use earphone. When sleeping, do not put in radiate of bedside mobile phone to be affected to the person's head the biggest. About " do not hang the mobile phone before the bosom or load trouser pocket in " view, the expert thinks the question is not big, because the mobile phone just is in,communicate the radiate in the process is stronger, bide one's time the electromagnetism radiate below condition is very small, not serious to human body harm.

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