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Gymnastical new style: Stroll in rain
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Latter, europe is arisen a kind " stroll in rain " body building method. Next empty that day removing unbroken when drizzle, the people that likes this sport goes from inside the office, bedroom in succession, stroll easily in nature. Allegedly, this kind " stroll in rain " motion, can give people a kind distinctive comfortable, happy with pure and fresh feeling. Expert of a few medicine made scientific explanation to this: Unbroken drizzle makes arboreous and fresh and green, road surface clean not only, and the floating dust in can cleared air, make air pure and fresh, clean. When raining, the meeting in air produces many anion, this kind of material is very good to the person's health, be called " the vitamin in atmosphere " , reduce the effect of blood pressure, stimulative metabolism to arriving since human body. Additional, the bath of rainwater is massaged can make a person buoyant, forget a variety of trouble in the life and job. Physicist people make new explanation to strolling in rain again recently: The altitude of aerosphere has a lot of harmful material, some are ray of strong radiant universe, some are the accumulation of earthly contaminant, still be the mixture child of a variety of element interaction a little. These contaminant adhere to mostly go up in the drip-drop of suspension, if drip-drop does not descend, they continue to stop in air, but if with the speed that drizzle descends, namely drip-drop descends to the ground from inside sky inside the 10 time that come 20 minutes, the speed that drops with contaminant is abhorrent, so drip-drop can cast off contaminant " pester " , become " pure and noble " . So, in stroll in drizzle continuously, enjoying the moist that did not pollute drip-drop, add the fresh air that contains anion, calculate really going up is a healthful motion.

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