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The summer of albinism patient is protected
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Be in our country, can see hair, brow is golden color sometimes, the skin is white Chinese. They are albinism patients. Albinism is a kind of hereditary disease. Because gene is choppy, cause the melanin inside body or melanin system biosynthesis occurrence blemish, expression lacks pigment for the skin, eye, hair. According to statistic, be in our country, the incidence of a disease of albinism is 2 ‰ about. Albinism still can cause patient eyesight, cutaneous to be injured badly. The immune defect that albinism causes makes the patient contracts catch a disease catch a disease by Yuan Weisheng content easily still, intercurrent lung fiber is changed, the disease such as colonitis. The summer, how should albinism patient undertake ego is protected? 1. The skin is dry person often should use protect wet protect skin to taste; 2. Photophobia person can use retinal protective agent, sunglass should be worn when going out; 3. The patient should reduce eyeball of ultraviolet radiate cross-eye and cutaneous to damage especially, yield results in work is moved outside had better wear long sleeve garment and pants, maintain sunshade, expose place to besmear put on the skin is prevented in the skin bask in frost.

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