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Pregnant woman is worn outfit should beautiful with comfortable give attention t
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Was pregnant, your physiology function and bodily form can produce apparent change, abdomen one every day apophysis, breast one every day plump, the bust also increases slowly. A series of this physiology change, make allow mom to waited to have new requirement to the dress, bust bodice and shoe, socks.

Dress is comfortable and comfortable

Design choice: Comfortable for the principle

The dress style of accurate mom chooses as far as possible simple, wear easily take off easily, sunstroke prevention heat preservation, cleanness is wholesome. Set out from artistic angle, follow the design model of mom dress, should reflect bosom line, the abdomen that makes be roused is not shown big, the outline of dress had better be to go up big to fall smally " A " word, the layette with the separate private parts on the choice will be better.

Fabrics principle: Softness breathes freely

Allow mom's dress and trousers, especially underwear, choose pure cotton to make. Avoid wears the underwear of the blending cloth tailor such as chemical fibber or cleanse cotton, briefs.

The rayon with summertime good with light, thin, soft, permeability clothing, real silk, flax and cotton goods had better, make it not the dress of stays or above the clothes that has next to fold, face bounty.

Optimal style: Braces outfit

Braces outfit suits to permit mother particularly. Decorated on the vision increasingly the bodily form of overstaffed, the design of abdomen and axil ministry, hip ministry particularly comfortable. Braces grows degree of proper motion adjustment, the extend after dress freelies. Without giving thought to inside how much to wear, both neither shows hypertrophy to also won't be manacled, agree with year time is worn, although arrived in the winter, it is OK to also need to increase the garment outside only.

Safe choice: Prevent spoke outfit

Accurate mom is electromagnetism radiant sensitive crowd, during be pregnant, get electromagnetism radiate, can cause fetal immunity function low, the constitution after baby is born is weak, unbalanced even. Especially electromagnetic wave is right the fuel factor of human body, make accurate mom aborts easily.

Radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed, abate electromagnetic wave is opposite land of can different level the harm of human body, but the most significant step or accurate mom as far as possible little contact has radiant electric equipment.

Prevent electric equipment radiant equipment of effective method office and electric home appliances

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