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10 thousand new sheet metal are about to appear on the market
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Modern society, nowhere is not in electromagnetism radiate, arrive greatly walk aerospace, small handle official bussiness to computer, radiation can get a change to step in, let people's air defense be prevented deeply. Accept electromagnetism radiate for a long time, can cause force of human body immunity to drop, memory drops, ahead of schedule the demote below anile, eyesight a variety of symptoms, cause of all kinds cancer even. Since entering 21 centuries especially, because computer utilization rate grows at full speed, the electromagnetism radiation hazard that person eye suffers is more and more serious. People feels a dry, eye constantly acerbity, because radiant fuel factor makes,the moisture inside the eye warms up, affected functionary to work normally thereby.

As a result of the need of the market, of all kinds radiation-proof lens appears quickly, but they are to will fight radiation raw material mostly according to certain proportion, in plating of lens surface layer a film, rise to protect the action of the eye on certain level, but because protective scope is little, the eye suffers radiation inevitably. In the meantime, they also have a collective drawback, tell its very hard clear from the principle namely " radiation-proof " function how action, make consumer complete hard thereby be convinced. Be aimed at hereat, 10 thousand new optics roll out newest sheet metal, use the world's current radiation-proof technology, can protect the eye of consumer better, the technical principle with clear at the same time clarity, also can make consumer more trustful.

At present the most effective fight radiation method, it is to use metallic fiber data, use high density not embroider key link fiber network, stem electromagnetic wave thoroughly invade. For instance CT room of the staff member defend take, pregnant woman outfit is add in the dress use metallic fiber model prevent fabrics of function of electromagnetic wave radiate to be made.

Same, 10 thousand new sheet metal also use such principle to be made. 10 thousand new sheet metal, on the foundation that fights radiation lens in convention, have the mixture proportion that fights radiation raw material deserving to compare afresh, form specific metallic layer, its in embedded lens, what assure lens not only is normal and pervious to light, and the gold film with very fashionable nowadays was formed in lens surface layer. Through avometer radiation-proof to convention lens and the result that 10 thousand new sheet metal check for many times make clear, it is above common radiation-proof lens the avometer of absolutely still, in ohm was shown however above 10 thousand new sheet metal, it is OK that this proved 10 thousand new sheet metals are adequately electric, it provides some metallic fiber, can with CT room defend take, pregnant woman outfit prevents electromagnetic wave radiate euqally effectively, without any safe hidden trouble.

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