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Radiation-proof pregnant woman installs market the good and bad are intermingled
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Last week, the baby that 4 parents of American buy with respect to them contains harmful and chemical material with feeder to to lodge a complaint of American federal court. The United States Congress before this ever had held a hearing with respect to poisonous feeder. According to associated press report, these a few parents say in indictment, the chemical material that a few enterprises used harmful to human body abbreviation BPA(to also weigh double phenolic A) in the manufacturing process of feeder. Science considers to discover, meeting infiltration feeder or baby use this kind of chemical material water is chaliced in the liquid.

Now, BPA is used extensively at including the articles for daily use such as canister of iron of glasses, food, DVD in. Be anxious to reduce the community, american wholesome official reports, people is from the quantity of the BPA of the bring into contact with in plastic feeder in safe limits, without reason proposal consumer stops to consume the product that contains BPA. But concerned department ever said in April this year, the experiment on mice body makes clear, BPA and behavior change, cerebra changes to wait ahead of schedule with adolescence about. Wo Erma company of United States of the biggest shopkeeper has announced, begin to sell the feeding bottle that does not contain BPA from bright the beginning of the year. American toy sells a company " the toy fights a city instead " the bottle that also announces to will remove BPA from goods shelves.

"Jin Zhong is overspread " be troubled by a bit

This year " Olympic Games darling " baby boom, drove the sell like hot cakes of pregnant baby things, and a few boast having the pregnant woman that transcends strong radiation-proof action to take is to get more many " accurate mom " chase after hold in both hands. These at every turn about a hundred yuan, on 1000 yuan pregnant woman is radiation-proof take, allege radiation-proof effect is as high as 99.9% , some makes the label that fight bacterium even. Costly pregnant woman whether is radiation-proof outfit radiation is not entered really, is protection fetal " is Jin Zhong overspread " ? People discovery, install photograph comparing with average pregnant woman, the price that radiation-proof pregnant woman holds wants tower above generally two 3 times. In the meantime, radiation-proof pregnant woman installs market the good and bad are intermingled, product value differs very far, lowest 200 multivariate, highest amount to nearly 2000 yuan.

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