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Dress of money of darling of pig of gold of businessman big hair is radiation-pr
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Although concern the baby that is born this year,be after all " golden pig darling " or " aardvark darling " the explanation that returns neither one authority, but from at present the reaction of market of baby pregnant things of Linyi urban district looks, accurate parents are opposite it seems that " golden pig " or " aardvark " do not care about, prepare large quantities of baby things to receive in buoyant ground " pig darling " arrival, and to managing the businessman of baby pregnant things for, 2007 is a rare business chance really.

  Radiation-proof serve accurate mother necessary

"This is the brand of Beijing gold vogue, very famous, of production radiation-proof taking adoption fabrics is material of home's advanced radiate of screen electromagnetic wave, via detecting its screen effect is achieved 99% ... " Yang Lu is opened in Linyi urban district store of clothing of a pregnant woman, salesperson busy move introduces to an accurate mom radiation-proof take. The reporter notices, almost the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman that inn of all baby pregnant things rolled out new fund, the price differs to 600 yuan from 150 yuan, and design is more and more beautiful, the function also comes more comprehensive. And the reporter interviewed discovery of a few accurate mom randomly, radiation-proof outfit became the product with necessary pregnant woman almost.

"The goods that the hair before the Spring Festival comes to sells basically quickly, today early in the morning our boss goes out again replenish onr's stock. " the counterjumper of brand shop of outfit of a radiation-proof pregnant woman discloses, recently a month this inn only radiation-proof outfit can sell on average everyday give many 20, sale compared with the corresponding period broke up one time last year much still.

Infantile things function is refined

Cup learning drink, feed medicine implement, suck bazoo implement, pat a back implement, bathing water is warm plan, labial function trains implement, deciduous teeth massager... in open Yang Lu the reporter in brand shop of things of more than 10 infants sees, the infantile things of full of beautiful things in eyes can say want to be less than only, cannot buy. Take feeding bottle for, have prevent choke spit feeder, prevent slippery model hold more than 10 variety such as feeder angle feeder, feeling lukewarm feeder, easily, the price also from 30 multivariate to 100 multivariate differ. There is pants of infantile unlined upper garment, baby, cap, glove, foot to cover in infantile dress respect wait for many breed, price is in mostly 60-120 yuan between; Still the baby protects skin to taste, include dew of skin of nutrient cream, massage oil, embellish, bath dew, talcum powder to wait, refine degree assuming adult things. And the things such as bed of pram, baby is the price does not poor more, cheap also want hundreds of yuan, famous brand product wants to get on 1000 yuan.

Boss of brand shop of things of infant of Fu of the Lu Aiying that open this world's expert listed detailed list of things of a piece of baby to the reporter, include milk powder, nipple, feeder, feeder to brush, feeder clear lotion, baby is taken, baby by, fingernail of dew of skin of fluid of pram, baby bed, bathtub, bath, embellish, special thermometer, baby is cut, pants of make water of lacteal tooth brush, paper is waited a moment, price is in estimation 3000 yuan or so, the boss says to this still is intermediate the price of the product, if complete set uses high-grade product estimation to be able to exceed 5000 yuan, nevertheless, from the point of sale status of nearly two months, still nearly 3 prepare complete set for the child into accurate parents " equipment " . Reporter Shao Lin
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