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Changchun: The businessman orders goods ahead of schedule " confinement soup "
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In the shop of baby of much home pregnant of the Changchun City, small dress of the baby, small shoe, protect skin to taste, nourishment, beneficial wisdom pacifies a toy, all sorts of commodity are true have everything that one expects to find of it may be said. "The money that we take this year is more than last year, it is to arrive moment not fail to get or achieve what one wanted, we still had made call with manufacturer of replenish onr's stock, if be entered immediately not quite. " the clerk of shop of baby of a pregnant says.

Another store that sells outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman technically, boss Ms. Xu says, previously she every time replenish onr's stock is controlled in 100 commonly, this goes back replenish onr's stock she plans to enter 200, "On our inn the pregnant woman that the examination comes to everyday in the hospital discharges a team, what give birth to the child this year is much, if I do not take bit of money more, be afraid of what sell not quite to moment. " Xu boss still says, she plans to enter the pregnant woman outfit of a few design more.

Inn of baby of a pregnant still holds battalion concurrently to rent accompany protect a bed, the hire of bed of every pieces of fold is 5 yuan a day. The boss says, a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics of the Changchun City on often somebody hires a bed to accompany protect, so he entered a few beds again this year, assure to be able to be used to moment.

"Confinement soup " deliver goods comes

The store of milk powder is run technically in, stick on the door have a job announcement, the member that inn of invite applications for a job grows and sell is digital. Allegedly, this store had opened two branches newly again during new year's day, management preparation has been made before for the sake of be in new student baby is born. "Had talked with manufacturer on supply of goods, assure to go up for deserveding, again some more compensatory now hand, wait for good time. The shop of confinement soup is done technically in, what the boss says his inn is used is the nourishing product of country of origin, resemble big jujube, medlar these Bao soup raw material from mail-order of country of origin, he orders these things again this year more shifted to an earlier date. Plan to send soup to come to serve.

Closefisted of person of lunar elder brother's wife collects fees the likelihood should go up

"We have 40 much people only now, preparative augment arrives 80 people " . The boss of company of intermediary of elder brother's wife of a month says. Current, their hand is just use quite, if a future life is greeted to produce a summit after year, be afraid hand is too nervous, so preparation enrols a few months of elder brother's wife more after year. Company of elder brother's wife of additionally a few months also shows, if be used not quite to moment hand,also can consider to increase a number.

The neat lady of lunar elder brother's wife that waits for work aside says: "Mount guard of our month elder brother's wife also needs to have professional skill letter, groom and assessment gets half month at least, so the company enrols a person to also need period of time. " the monthly pay of lunar elder brother's wife is basic be 1100 yuan -- 2400 yuan between, collect fees than elder brother's wife of month of and other places of Dalian, Harbin low, if arrive,company of some months of elder brother's wife shows moment hand too be short of, raise price with respect to unified exam Lv.
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