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Channel thin body sells promotion
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Face new market opportunity, how the difficult problem that appropriate solves good distribute quotient to measure house of charge of numerous, market not to fall high? How to achieve the market wide enclothe? A company is health care of a medicine tastes an enterprise, the LY of product reducing weight that its develop (era says) be local " battalion eats accurate word " product, had sold 3 years in countrywide major market, and sales volume grows steadily, can bring the profit redound of 1 million yuan of above every year to the company. Medium or small to medical health care tastes an enterprise for, LY is a good profit product. In view of the market of this product report reachs the sale impetus that rises ceaselessly, the company declared health food lot number again last year, product competition ability increases further. On this foundation, the firm increased LY to be measured in the sale task 2006, its sale branch welcomed new market challenge. Lot number upgrades, cause the market " concussion " From the place " battalion eats accurate word " to the country " be good at word " , LY finished product lot number upgrade, gained more grandiose market status eventually, this created more advantageous market condition for product sale of future. But, new start, new challenge. The current situation that sale branch faces to product place above all undertook comprehensive analysis. Market structure "Battalion eats accurate word " it is the lot number of functional sex food that examines and approve by local government branch, can not obtain what each district is in charge of a branch to approbate on countrywide market, the product of this kind of lot number gains the favour of agency of the actual strength inside the industry very hard also. The market situation with current LY is: -- the agency that lack has actual strength. Agency is numerous, the whole nation has more than 130, but dimensions is lesser, ground of bits and pieces distributings class and prefectural class market, city of provincial capital class has not been entered basically. -- be restricted as a result of place of product lot number, the product gets on functional conduct propaganda very big limitation, majority agency is on advertisement investment enthusiasm is not tall. -- overmuch agency amount, the market control cost that causes a company rises, sale policy is united hard, the market coachs kimono Wu cannot be deepened. Put in the problem Lot number upgrades, created advantage to improve current situation, of course, original market strategy changes imperative also. Strategy changes face the following main problems: -- blank market problem. It is provincial capital city it is clear area region, 2 it is ground city class White Area region still is free in the market. Realize effective sale to enclothe to blank market, lay the growth that is product sales volume next foundations undoubtedly. -- the enthusiasm question that agency market throws. Taste to medical health care for, the more or less often decided a product sales volume that mart ad throws. Original agency dimensions is general and lesser, the product lot number in the past affected the initiative that agency ad throws on certain level. The area of together with agency is lesser, and on the market of strong media cover area bigger, this also caused agency to throw the waste that go up in the market. -- the put together problem of sale channel. In business market staff finite circumstance falls, small agency amount will naturally give an enterprise the issue that brings a lot of managing to go up too much in, accordingly, development or the strong dealer that develop a business are the urgent affairs of A company.
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