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FDA borrows outside force to strengthen heart appliance to superintend
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Join expert of exterior medical treatment first Director Daniel • Dr. Shu Erci of American FDA appliance and radiation fitness center expressed a few days ago, FDA will invite expert of exterior medical treatment, the security that help FDA fetterses to the heart viscera that has appeared on the market undertakes checking, strengthen further thereby quiver to dividing implement wait for what key heart viscera fetterses to superintend. This will be FDA throughout history uses exterior expert to undertake checking to the security of medical apparatus and instruments first. On the tradition, FDA relies on its advisory committee to whether allow in order to help certainly all the time a kind of new medical apparatus and instruments appears on the market. Dr. Shu Erci expresses, the heart weapon that the number that FDA plans to enlarge existing advisory committee sells to preparing to appear on the market undertakes examine and be examinationed, the security of the heart appliance product that adds hand to be used at helping FDA be sold to appearing on the market even undertakes superintendency. These experts understand help FDA adequately medical apparatus and instruments to produce the data that business place provides, the problem that how also produces proposal FDA directly to medical apparatus and instruments better (like product recall) make a response. Shu Erci admits, FDA takes this one action, the part is to respond to the outside to be superintended in safety of medical apparatus and instruments to FDA go up the criticism that offers. Already appeared on the market to superintend the security of the medical apparatus and instruments of the sale, FDA basically relies on the report of manufacturer home, but such report data still cannot come true quite completely to be delivered quickly in FDA interior, shu Erci expresses, he needs to solve this kind of situation at present. "We need to be done weller in this respect, need uses expert of exterior medical treatment better. " a when FDA is faced with at present the biggest question is, how to find the medical treatment expert that does not have any finance embroil with business of heart appliance production. FDA plans to be in henceforth in a few months, begin to invite new medical treatment expert to join its advisory committee, this one process predicts to want to just can be finished this year in October. Genesis lid red is divided especially quiver implement What because medical apparatus and instruments produces business to build red spy company to did not make public its all the time,produce is certain except quiver implement the flaw with fatal existence, divide when Gaidante consequently quiver implement the information that is stored in fatal flaw was announced last year at numerous hind, caused a controversy of the outside. Public opinion shows FDA is superintending gaps and omissions of the existence on these products continuously, and criticise how FDA is announced to industry of medical apparatus and instruments and the defect that when shows presence of medical apparatus and instruments also did not establish uniform standard. Except quiver implement the price can be as high as 35000 dollars every. Current, the number that uses this kind of weapon is increasing in year after year. This year, the United States still has 150 thousand much person to may use this kind of weapon about. This kind of appliance reliability is normally higher, can save the life of a lot of patients. But, no less than is other any products are same, they also can appear all sorts of problems. Come for years, what company of Gai Dan spy did not remind doctor and patient to want to notice its are produced all the time is certain except quiver implement the likelihood exists the blemish of voltaic respect. After was being announced by media in May till last year, the truth just is exposed come out. FDA also was to arrive to just begin to begin to launch investigation at that time. And in fact, the archives data of FDA shows, FDA superintendency personnel had received concerned Gaidante before this the company is divided quiver implement the report of problem of occurrence short circuit. It is reported, 7 use Gaidante are divided quiver implement because the patient is divided quiver implement short-circuit and die. Somebody thinks even, the patient amount that dies actually may be higher, because the doctor is mixed,the patient just realizes this one problem in latter ability.
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