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Office computer a group of things with common features prevent bursa of consenes
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Enter E period, efficient the mainstream that became modern office with fast rhythm. The kid that faces computer for a long time not less however is appearing prematurely the phenomenon with decline of the consenescence on physiology, constitutionally and feeble mentally. Does computer work a group of things with common features how should answer this kind of premature senility to be asked for integratedly? Reasonable put computer The back look out that does not allow screen as far as possible is worn the place of somebody, because computer radiate is the strongest, is rear, it is or so two side next, the front of screen instead radiation is the weakest. With can seeing well the word is accurate, at least 50 centimeters of distances to 75 centimeters, can reduce electromagnetism radiant harm so. Adjust the opposite height of good computer monitor and seat. When the line of vision that becomes a person and the included angle to vertical line of the earth's core are controlled for 115 degrees of horn, cervical muscle of the person most loosen. Common desk humanness lowers his head to write a design, regard computer desk as height improper, when getting online long " hold high " move head cervical vertebra will be very fast strain. If do not have a condition to change special computer desk, can seat progressively block up, loosen till cervical feeling till. Beware the action in the eye Office beauty is facial in the place with the most obvious consenescence is double eye. Use eye frost has moist effect, besides can outside the problem of bring down black rim of the eye, pouch, also have the effect that improves furrow, microgroove at the same time. The function of eye glue and eye frost is about the same, it is glue shape quality of a material is brushed only rise relatively relaxed, use the skin to feel without the burden by day, can eliminate pouch, slow symptom of eye ministry skin. The attention uses a convention, every other is about 1 hour to rest 5 to 10 minutes, overlook is loosened. The brightness of indication screen wants moderate, cannot shine too, setting chooses polychromatic element as far as possible, black word of white when reading feature-length text bottom and black base wrongly written or mispronounced character are used alternately, when Sha Zhong appears, can try to do eyeball to hold (rotational eyeball, arrange hour hand 3 times, anticlockwise 3, alternant) . Do not watch computer in darkness as far as possible. With "Mouse hand "Do obeisance to Get online a group of things with common features repeat everyday type on clavier and mobile mouse, bring about all round nerve damage, coma of occurrence hand ministry, bright action of department of strut of painful, wrist, hand is not quick wait feebly even " wrist canal is asked for integratedly " . The attempt is ordinal make undermentioned motion: (1) make auxiliary instrument with watch, press suitable hour hand and anticlockwise rotational artifice 25 times; (2) suck full energy of life to exert oneself to do sth. make a fist, forcibly expiratory, quickness is ordinal and outstretched at the same time little finger, ring finger, middle finger, forefinger. Valuable assistant each 10; (3) the forefinger that uses a hand and big toe are kneaded hold another hand finger, begin from thumb, every show each do 10 seconds, breathe smoothly; (4) double palm put the palms together, around carries kinetic friction causes low-grade fever. Everyday 3 minutes, conduce promotes haemal circulation, ache of muscle of wrist of delay go to the toilet, spur of wrist of prevention and cure is proliferous.
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