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New Ao Bo is a company: Arrowy annals innovates independently I am Chinese pride
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"Become in resonance of permanent magnetism magnetism like systematic domain, if can get the support of relevant all circles, want time 5 years only, chinese company can be replaced completely Japan, Euramerican the leadership position that waits for alive bound to go up, become the resonance of permanent magnetism magnetism with the greatest whole world to become like systematic supplier, new industry means Chinese company to will become the leader of medical treatment industry that counts one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars and technology to get the person that run! " scientist Dr. Lian Jianyu that to present as leading role MRI of 0.45T permanent magnetism designs says new Ao Bo. On the exposition of spring of medical apparatus and instruments of the 55th China International that was about to kick off on April 26, the resonance of magnetism of permanent magnetism of 0.45T of world head stage that new Ao Bo will show own research and development for technical limited company becomes the magnetism resonance that resembles initiate of system, world intervene like navigation remedial system and mammary gland of supersonic smooth scattering are become like the system. The own research and development of products of these digital intelligence medical treatment is successful, with one action of trade of the state-owend enterprise in indicating broke foreign company to be in the double forestall of the technology of domain of high-end medical apparatus and instruments, market, achieved the another technology breakthrough of industry of medical apparatus and instruments. Be in our country, the integral market of medical apparatus and instruments year average growth rate is 14% , but mainland produces year of earthy increase rate to have 4% only however! The market that expands quickly is held by the product place of foreign company. In market of equipment of high-end medical treatment, stand with the GE that is in position of advantage of research and development, day, the transnational corporation photograph such as riverside of Xi Menzi, flying benefit is compared, the ability of own research and development of our country enterprise is fragile, the equipment of high-end medical treatment of 95% above of our country counts an import. Only support innovates independently, research and development gives the product that has own intellectual property, ability from go up at all be enslaved to be enslaved to of industry of change China medical treatment passive situation of the person. Since 1996, 8 Chinese scientists that come from haing Buddha university, Masschusetts Institute of Technology pass research of 10 years, succeed eventually research and development the technical achievement with multinomial banner international. The research and development of the product of digital intelligence medical treatment with these global lead technologies is successful, make clear these 8 scientists " start world top-ranking brand, hold out ethical industry back " long-cherished wish has been reached. Break fatidical MRI
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