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Is store of flagship of Nanjing beneficial abundant new open business new trend
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Setting: Headquarters is set in the beneficial abundant big chemist's shop of Hunan to held water in June 2001, it is supermarket of chain of par of domestic prior medicines and chemical reagents, besides existing 52 doors inn, still have content of a medicine to shed a company. In October 2004, limited company of big chemist's shop of Shanghai beneficial abundant holds water, sell greatly in what Shanghai center the city zone opened a 2000 square metre, be in in succession area of Tuo of yellow riverside area, Lu bay area, rainbow mouth area, brake north area, general, Yang Pu area opened door store. 2006, limited company of big chemist's shop of Jiangsu beneficial abundant holds water... on May 18, the Nanjing in drizzle day of noisy of the gong and drum on the road in city Chinese, the flagship store of big chemist's shop of Jiangsu beneficial abundant is formal practice. Before this, the inn of the 7th door of Shanghai beneficial abundant on March 25 just practice, the 8th inn also already make choice of inn location. Of beneficial abundant carry suddenly fast caused a few attention, also brought a few question. On May 23, a few doubt that give out inside reporter obtain employment covered general manager of limited company of big chemist's shop of Jiangsu beneficial abundant Liu Xiangyue. Ask: Sell a mode to you can be held greatly deny? The optional location of Nanjing beneficial abundant makes Liu Xiangyue very proud -- Chinese in the mainstay line that the road is Nanjing, to circumjacent business the circle is having very good radiant emitance, and, the main hospital of 7 Nanjing still gathered all round beneficial abundant, save hospital of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is one wall more to lie between with Jiangsu. Before entering Nanjing, they undertook is as long as of 9 months make an on-the-spot investigation, have among them full 3 months are used at optional location, have the location that choose store has 60 more than place at that time. This inn location of final make choice of year hire amounts to 2 million yuan, can't help making a person anxious have investment return rate. Calm of Liuxiang high mountain old, at the outset Shanghai flagship store 3 million yuan year hire also make a lot of people anxious, but, "Tall hire " is rear " big business is encircled " , to beneficial abundant, the demonstrative effect of the first inn is particularly main. "The experience of Shanghai beneficial abundant has made clear, the flagship store that holds favourable geographical position has very great appeal power, can cut the market quickly to lay next good foundations for the enterprise. " Liu Xiangyue says. But, such sell a mainstream that already was most par drugstore no longer to extend pattern greatly. "Happy person " , " every day good " what left and right sides of 800 square metre chose when entering Beijing is medium-sized sell. The personage inside course of study points out, sustain such scale sell, its run cost cannot small gaze. But the reason that Liu Xiangyue has him: "Sell the advantage of field to depend on large passenger flow, large portion greatly, its limit benefit is completely OK and quits so called high cost " . A personage inside course of study is analysed, besides merchandise profit difference, administration fee of the member that a cost, cost entering the arena, sales promotion piles best-knowly inside course of study can be Chinese in road inn brings sizable profit, and the manufacturer with various items supports also can pare one part cost. Liu Xiangyue admits, par drugstore has changed the past to leave easily super- sell the way of field greatly, sell greatly of field live mode also is in happen ceaselessly evolve, what Dan Yifeng chooses is the road of a development that suits his: In central the city zone with a 2000 square metre sell greatly field is strong cut, again progressively radiate reachs circumjacent area after start shooting brand, open 500 ~ the community inn of 800 square metre. Of Liu Jiang call " Wo Erma good neighbour " assorted fist.
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