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What person suffers from leukaemia easily
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Think leukaemia is not single factor be caused by at present, it is much element the result that joint action produces at airframe. Of leukaemia have a factor easily 1. virus affects: In human leukaemia, have leukaemia of adult T cell only (ATL) can cause by virus for certain, leukaemia still cannot confirm the other type outside dividing ATL to be concerned with this. 2. Genetic element: Leukaemia patient won't spread the disease to offspring directly, but leukaemia has in certain family collect a gender, near incidence of a disease of leukaemia of lymphocyte of the acute in marrying crowd is 30 times higher than expecting to be worth. Already discovered through having a technology, great majority of acute leukaemia patient has chromosome unusual. 3. Physical element: The physical element related to leukaemia basically is radiation. 4. Chemical element: Benzene reachs certain pharmaceuticals, wait for the relation with leukaemia like methylic benzyl hydrazine, Malilan, Ma Falan close, experimental discovery can cause leukaemia. The tall danger crowd of leukaemia According to concerning research, the person that have the following case, the occurence rate of its leukaemia is potential prep above Everyman, namely crowd of so called tall danger. 1. The incidence of a disease of the unborn transmissibility disease of intermarriage of intermarriage place unripe children compares the unborn tower above that is not intermarriage 150 times. 2. Have chemical medicaments, poison the crowd of osculatory history lives around oil field, chemical plant, or the crowd that contacts chemical preparation for a long time. ☆With the driver that benzine contacts for a long time Blood disease produces odds in car driver opposite bigger. Because they and benzine are contacted for a long time,that is, and benzene is contained again in benzine. Accordingly, if drive when often can smell intense benzine flavour, that is very dangerous. Additional, the person that drives for a long time mights as well blood test of test of classics haunt hospital is groovy. If be gone to already hematic routine is normal, apparent leucocyte appears to drop after driving, not be virus infection or other reason be caused by, that explains its are very sensitive to benzene, very should careful. ☆Long-term contact catchs the crowd that sends an agent In clinical go up to often discover, the patient that has leukaemia can examine minutely go out to catch the history of hair for a long time. Accordingly, people is caught in pursuit while hair is beautiful and fashionable, also should prevent harmful catch hair material to be absorbed by the body, especially children, old people and bosom pregnant woman female, should notice to decrease to use or be not used more catch hair stuff. Although do not have specific figure statistic, but show according to investigation, black catchs the place that send an agent to contain harmful composition to want far outclass other facial expression acquires hair agent, should use less more so. ☆
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