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Reason of easy heatstroke of 8 kinds of people has 3 sorching summer to need car
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Sign up for a report according to American live abroad, burning hot summer arrived, the doctor reminds: In torrid weather, must suffer heatstroke carefully. Compare with Everyman photograph, the person that differ or a few fitness have other disease relatively appears more easily sweltering problem, in torrid weather so oneself and family should notice more. Sweltering reason has 3 Heatstroke is human body in high temperature and heat radiation long below action, airframe temperature adjusts occurrence obstacle, metabolization of water, electrolyte reachs neurological function to damage semiotic floorboard mussily, it is hot balancing machine can disorder and a kind of when happen urgent disease. Can divide 3 kinds: One kind is the heat that appears easily in fuggy room shoots disease. The patient can feel the head is painful, giddy, thirsty, next temperature is rapid elevatory, pulse is accelerated, facial and aglow, insensible even. The 2nd kind is siriasis. If people falls activity or retention period to grow too in burning sun, fall in the insolate of burning sun directly, skin of intense solar and penetrable head and skull cause cerebral cell damage, with respect to the congestion that can cause a head to organize, oedema. Because basically be the head by of harm, so, most begin to only head temperature increases, tall when can achieve 39 ℃ above, have next acuteness have a headache, disgusting vomiting, irritating, then can appear insensible reach tic, but temperature is not certain and elevatory. The 3rd kind makes heat up convulsion. The person is in high temperature environment, the body meets a large number of perspiring, lose a large number of salinity, make the sodium content in blood too low, cause leg ministry even limb and systemic muscle convulsion. Sweltering symptom has have gently heavy There also is clinical show when suffer heatstroke. Below high temperature environment, people can appear above all " foreboding suffers heatstroke " , expression is much sweat, thirsty, faint, giddy, dazed, tinnitus, disgusting, heart-throb, attention to be not centered, limb pins and needles, movement is not harmonious etc. If be transferred in time,reach shady and cool and ventilated point at this moment, compensatory water and salinity, can restore inside short time. If afore-mentioned symptoms are aggravating, body temperature rise of the patient arrives high 38 ℃ above, complexion is wet red or cadaverous, kubla khah, skin is wet slim and fragile of cold, pulse, heartbeat is fast, blood pressure drops is to spend heatstroke gently likely, need to be handled in time, rest. When spending heatstroke again, most patient is abrupt in high temperature environment insensible. The patient before this often has have a headache, coma, swimmy, uneasiness or obstacle of crackbrained, directional force, limbs cannot move at will wait for a symptom, the skin perspires stop, dry, glowing and bright red, temperature often is in 40 ℃ above.
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