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Chun Xia pregnant woman installs new window
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The radiate of the article such as computer, TV, mobile phone grows to fetal health have certain harm, because outfit of this radiation-proof pregnant woman is one of essential thing of pregnant woman. Nowadays, the radiation-proof pregnant woman that offers in bazaar contains the design such as bag of vest, abdomen, coat, price is controlled in 400 yuan. Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman added radiation-proof metal in fabrics, can effective screen and segregation electromagnetism radiate.

In the choose and buy when, accurate mom can do a little test, place the mobile phone make an appointment with a minute in radiation-proof frock, take out quickly next, if discover the mobile phone is already complete,doing not have signal is the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman that is worth reliance. In addition, if feel radiation-proof effect still makes you not quite be at ease, can choose radiation-proof underwear, it is to use the stuff that has radiation-proof effect to be made likewise, by inside and outside prevent electromagnetism radiate to be opposite the enroach on of the darling in the abdomen.

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