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Do not invite big client from point to escape
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Drive comes out truly faithful agency, not be wait for windfalls absolutely come out. The value policy that clever manufacturer always can adopt him, sales promotion policy, policy that return profit and other incentive measure, closely linked, cover firm agency, all arouse the distribute enthusiasm of big client with the best will in the world. No less than is slow-witted Baitefa criterion (80/20 law) what say, the big client of 20% can bring the sales volume of 80% for the enterprise is profit even. Big client has become medical company especially medium or small the lifeblood that medical industry survives and develops. "The person that get large family, get the world " the consensus that has been many enterprises, the key that big client is an enterprise forever contends for an object. However, who is us " big client " ? How by be turned to be by big client control " recriminate " big client, achieve double win? Want right strike with the palm of the hand charges big client, in real sale job, what error should avoid again? What step to take? What step to take?? Identify]"True and false " big client Who is our big client? Be is sales volume large? Be still is proportion large? The author thinks, should accord with only the following the client of 3 conditions is OK the category that put under is big client: Buy a quantity to look from whole, big client is to show those buy an amount to company product big, contributed the client of majority sales volume for the enterprise; From the point of sale scale, big client is to show the sales volume that our product handles in him occupies his the client with the bigger proportion of summation of sales volume of all and congener product; From the point of gain angle, big client is the key client with the integral profit bigger contribution that points to pair of enterprises. This shows, big client is an opposite concept. But, in medical sale job, however individual of a lot of sale or unit are used to what understanding from absolutely angle is big client, the sale dimensions that thinks to want such-and-such agency only car of big, deliver goods market of much, other cities network of big, radiate is extensive, it is big client. Just think, if this port market of the client is small, small, terminal sells terminal client network display difference, is he still your product sale effectively to take good Wu? The author thinks not only cannot, still can be just the opposite to what one wished, the change money that makes manufacturer breaks valence large family, namely what we say normally " false large family " . One " false large family " the sale that increases 10 million yuan, whole market may be met loss 50 million yuan. This kind of large family, manufacturer can want ten million caution! Altogether, to medical production company, big client is to show the product that those produce to the enterprise buys an amount big, buy frequency second tall, big to the integral profit contribution of the enterprise, hold the key client of enterprise majority sales volume.
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