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Whether does mobile phone radiate cause brain tumor after all?
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The one part in hitting a mobile phone to had become modern to live daily, but the culprit that the mobile phone also is health of harm human body likely however. On media, whether to meet minatory mankind argue healthily to never had stopped about the mobile phone, the version that produces undesirable effect to cerebrum in the light of mobile phone radiate again and again especially makes an user afraid unceasingly. So can mobile phone radiate cause brain tumor after all? Does mobile phone radiate have a harm to human body? Can you cause brain tumor? To this, the controversy of marathon type never has stopped. From put forward now, had formed two kinds of point of views: It is the mobile phone radiate that is a delegate with the expert of medicine, biology and environmental protection respect have harm to human body; 2 it is with the mobile phone manufacturer and part detect the mobile phone radiate that the orgnaization is a delegate does not have harm to human body. Nerve family doctor: Mobile phone radiate is harmful to human body "Mobile phone radiate is killed to human body, different person has different view. But as scientific worker, it is harmful that I can say for certain. " Li Anmin of doctor of chairman of 304 hospitals neurosurgery sees the liberation army the first sentence of the author is so stiff white. "Scientist of world each country passes each experiment to prove now, mobile phone radiate is harmful to human body. British scientist uses the electric magnetic field of mobile phone frequency, to the discovery after wireworm radiate, wireworm system protein produced the effect of similar hot concussion, resemble by slight had boiled. If stop radiation right now, wireworm is protein still recoverable normal, if continue radiation, protein can produce the denaturation that cannot go against a gender. Apply to person, also be same. British Ministry of Education prohibits 16 years old the following student uses a mobile phone, reason is, adolescent is neurological not full-fledged still, head small, skull is thin, accept ionization radiate intensity tall, be harmed more easily. " Li Anmin still says: "Our for the moment does not talk about mobile phone radiate to whether cause the problem of brain tumor, sheet speaks of from life phenomenon. Everybody discussion must compare the radiate that much is computer now. But, the radiate of the mobile phone can want than computer much fiercer. If mobile phone and computer are put together, the tall oscillation wave when mobile phone incoming telegram makes computer shows screen is blinked. But, the mobile phone when driving computer but reaction of it doesn't matter. If handle machine is put on other electric home appliancesPhysicist: The mobile phone may cause brain tumor
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