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Construction of green Tibet railroad realizes downy disease 0 death
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Green Tibet railroad overcame Gao Han in construction of 5 years radiate of anoxic, strong ultraviolet ray, be in the multinomial sanitation such as ground of source of epidemic disease of the plague nature to ensure difficult problem, created " downy disease epidemic situation of 0 death, SARS 0 happen, the plague epidemic situation 0 transmission " achievement, ensured the success of project, tibet of railway ministry blueness does Zhu Zhensheng of standing vice director 29 days to do held press conference to go up to say so in news of the State Council. Green Tibet railroad passes through Qinghai-Tibet Platean hinterland, be in the area of high height above sea level of 3000 meters of above entirely, among them 960 kilometers are in altitude 4000 meters of above, downy and extremely anoxic easy bring about the acute highland such as downy lung oedema and cerebral oedema ill, will affect human body health and labor ability badly, the construction that hides railroad to blueness constitutes grim challenge. Zhu Zhensheng says, according to " it is with the person this, wholesome safeguard go ahead of the rest " principle, railway ministry and Ministry of Public Health are on the foundation that absorbs domestic and international medicine extensively to study positive result, made jointly " sanitation of green Tibet railroad ensures a certain number of regulations " , " green Tibet railroad breaks out lash-up of wholesome and communal incident beforehand case " wait for a series of wholesome safeguard beforehand case, regulation and administrative measure, the standard that guaranteed all fronts sanitation to guarantee the job from the system undertakes in order. The construction branch of green Tibet railroad built relatively perfect sanitation to guarantee a system. Green Tibet railroad builds ministry of commander in chief to set medical treatment Ministry of Public Health, with hospital of railroad of case Er wood and Tibetan military region total hospital is rely on, established the 3 level such as hospital of place of project ministry sanitation, building site medical establishment in all 144, sick bed 426 pieces, provided color the advanced and applicable medical treatment equipment such as Duopule, lung ventilator, formed the network system that covers all fronts to be able to quickly in time effect cure danger weighs a patient. According to introducing, in construction fastigium, green Tibet railroad enters the court in all medical personnel 680 people, medical personnel and the scale of the member that use a worker are achieved 1.88% . The patient is examined in all during construction 530 thousand more than person-time, be in hospital 14477 person-time, 3501 people of rescue danger heavy patient, among them patient of oedema of head of 470 downy sexes, 931 lung oedema gets effective cure entirely. Zhu Zhensheng says, construction of green Tibet railroad implemented downy admittance standard, to entering highland personnel executes constitution to choose, the habit of type of a flight of stairs that has area of low height above sea level in Geermu or Lhasa is taken suit. All downy personnel have healthy record, execute health of whole journey trends to guard. Compiled and print " manual of downy and wholesome knowledge " , hand. Construction personnel absorbs oxygen everyday 1 to 2 hours, extend freely fight anoxic, fight fatigue medicaments. Implement have holidays by turns, rotate and system of nightly go the rounds of the beds at night, job of reasonable arrangement construction, demarcate staff basic cycle time.

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