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Midsummer motion pays attention to scientific method
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Midsummer time, a lot of people do not love sport, reason is: "Do not move can perspire, easily kubla khah dripping wet, suffer that pain why? ! " in fact, in burning hot summer, do not love athletic person, be afraid that heat feels hot more the more, more inactive, airframe gets used to the ability of outside ambient to jump over difference. Want us to master the following and scientific method only actually, summer exercises large to human body good part. Athletic time shoulds not be long Take exercise below burning hot environment, can make the hypodermic blood capillary of human body outspread, sweat gland is opened quickly, medicinal powder heat energy force is able to rise, thereby the adjustment of airframe temperature ability gets promotion. Of course, everybody also should remind to do good sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature while we advocate summer to move the job. Because, the yield with normal human body is heated up and come loose heat is in relative balance position, temperature is maintained commonly control in 36.5 ℃ . When motion, the metabolization inside body is quickened, produce heat to increase. In the meantime, skin blood-vessel is outspread, blood stream is quickened, sweat fluid secretes grow in quantity, breath is accelerated, the heat energy that makes arise inside body passes radiation, conduct, convection and evaporate wait for means to come loose hot, with maintaining temperature constant. If weather is very sultry, the temperature adjustment function with normal body produces an obstacle, temperature rises ceaselessly, human body can produce heatstroke. To avoid to suffer heatstroke, remind everybody athletic time shoulds not be too long, carry momentum shoulds not be too big, dress should be chosen breathe freely comfortable, enough weak brine complements after motion, still should assure enough sleep. After motion, once encounter a painful, dizziness and bosom to wait for sweltering foreboding frowzily, answer to rest to lie or seek cure make a diagnosis and give treatment in shady and cool and ventilated place instantly. Canter take exercise prevent heatstroke Normal temperature is human body 36.5 ℃ , but when filling summertime festival to canter, the person's temperature can lift 1 ℃ is controlled, taller even, if meet high temperature climate, cause heatstroke very easily. Accordingly, exercise time not to arrange at noon commonly, the place should choose to have adumbral place, carry momentum shoulds not be too big, body weak is minutely addition heartbeat does not exceed 20 times, perspire a long time wants seasonable compensatory moisture and salinity. Kubla khah dripping wet not swims Swimming is the summer exercises one of projects best, can make heart, lung, skin and muscle get taking exercise in the round. When swimming, to prevent cramp, ready-made activity answers before entering the water; Kubla khah dripping wet, body does not enter the water instantly after tired or firm satiate meal; System of one private parts develops with cold water first before entering the water, in order to make the body gets used to cold water environment as soon as possible; Natant time shoulds not be too long; Compensatory salinity notices after swimming. If jerky phenomenon produces in water, want above all composed, lift up ticks off tiptoe and can exert oneself to do sth. unbend knee joint, or let others help pull a leg forcibly, make crus triceps passivity spins, general cramp can alleviate very quickly very quickly. When necessary, can appeal to lifeguard.
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