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A few days ago, concerned Guangzhou should be in too take residential area build with hillock 220 kilovolt always the message of blessing transformer substation, cause the wide attention that the society pollutes about electromagnetism radiate again. Yesterday, bureau of Guangdong province environmental protection is special at this point topic, invite 3 environments radiate to study an expert, organized informal discussion of a news. According to expert introduction, electric home appliancesRadiate of indoor transformer substation is less than moon Kong Lingfeng of the center of research of radiate of Guangdong province environment that monitor's chief engineer, Zhou Rui east senior engineer and in south 3 experts entered the Shi Yuzhu's chief engineer of electric power designing institute on invitation the news informal discussion yesterday. The expert expresses, actually the mankind lives in electromagnetism environment all the time, earthly itself is a big magnetic field, include the natural phenomenon such as the sun, moon, thunder to be able to produce electromagnetism radiation, and all sorts of electric equipment such as artifical mobile phone, TV, computer also can produce electromagnetism radiation, the nature such as transformer substation and high-pressured electrical wiring also amid. When electromagnetism radiate exceeds certain bounds to be worth, can cause harm sex effect to human body. From electromagnetism radiate frequency paragraph differentiate in light of, the frequency of electromagnetism field is differentiated to be labour frequency normally (50Hz/60Hz) , radio frequency (say again high frequency, 10 million Hz of 1000Hz ~ ) and microwave (above of 100 million Hz) . Specific can divide again for very low frequency, low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency and extremely ultrahigh frequency, high frequency wait for 8 frequency paragraph. Among them, frequency Duan Yue is low, the wavelengh of electromagnetic wave is longer, jump over style of not easy penetrable life, cause harm to human body. The expert says, be defeated change electric system, no matter be transformer substation,still be transmit electricity actually is tall wear electrical wiring, it is the radiate of labour frequency electromagnetism that has 50Hz only, won't produce fuel factor, more impossible direct and penetrable human body, cause direct electromagnetism to damage. And its electromagnetic wave space transmits ability difference, in near field area, its radiate influence is met as the distance increase and rapid attenuation, besides the distance with be achieved certain negligible not plan. If deduct the wears transmit electricity line high influence in sky besides, pure will tell with respect to transformer substation, an indoor transformer substation is measured to the radiate of surroundings, return be not a patch on below sunny weather, round of bright moon is affected to the radiate of the ground. And the electromagnetism radiate influence of transmit electricity tall wiring wants relatively transformer substation is a lot of bigger.
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